In-Person Ceremony

Registration to attend the in-person ceremony is now closed. 

The assigned ceremony day and time has been communicated to registered graduates. 

Registered graduates can claim and print their GradPass, two (2) guest tickets and complete the contact form on the MarchingOrder site.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of University Events at 718.990.6365 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Claim Your GradPass

The GradPass will be scanned prior to the graduate crossing the stage platform for the reading of their name and for the display on screen.

It is important for graduates to claim and print their GradPass (from the MarchingOrder site) by no later than Friday, July 16, 2021. Graduates need to bring a copy of their GradPass with them on Friday, July 16, 2021. The GradPass will be checked as graduates arrive to the ceremony. It is customized for each graduate and cannot be shared amongst graduates.

Graduates must be registered to attend the ceremony in order to claim their personalized GradPass.

Claim Your Guest Tickets

Each graduate will need to claim their two (2) guest tickets and complete the contact form via MarchingOrder BEFORE the start of the in-person ceremony. Once the graduate completes the contact information, the graduate will be able to either print or forward the tickets to their guests. 

Guests should print a copy of their ticket PRIOR to the ceremony and bring it with them on the day of the ceremony. Guests are asked to arrive with the graduate on the ceremony day. All tickets will be scanned during check-in. 

  • All guests are required to present a ticket for entrance into the ceremony.
  • Once a ticket is scanned, it is void and will not allow for additional scans or entry into the ceremony.
  • There are no extra tickets available for distribution. Lost or stolen tickets cannot be replaced.
  • Children under the age of two do not require a ticket; however they must be seated on an adult's lap.

Event Details

The Class of 2020 in-person ceremony will be held outdoors, on the Great Lawn, rain or shine, at the Queens campus of St. John's University.

  • After remarks from academic leaders, graduates will get the chance to hear their name, walk across the stage platform, and pose for a photo.
  • The ceremony will be approximately 60 to 90 minutes long and will be streamed for family and friends who are unable to attend.
  • There will be no procession and recession of graduates, no exchanging of items, no hoodings, and no handshaking. 


  • Graduates should be dressed in academic attire when they arrive to campus. Academic attire is mandatory for participation in the ceremony.
  • Graduates and guests should wear appropriate footwear for walking on a grass field and light colored clothing.
  • Be prepared for hot temperatures and bring sunscreen and sunglasses.


  • Graduates and their two (2) guests are asked to arrive together, beginning at 7:30 a.m. (one and a half hours prior to the start of the ceremony.) We strongly encourage graduates and guests to arrive in the same vehicle to reduce congestion.
  • The ceremony will begin promptly at 9 a.m. Be sure to allow time to arrive before the start of the ceremony to ensure graduates are present for the calling of names.
  • Graduates need to arrive and be seated before the ceremony starts to ensure they can cross the stage platform while their name is read.


  • Graduate and guests will be seated together in family units that are socially distanced from other graduates and guests.
  • Seating arrangements are based on the order of arrival.
  • Seating will not be separated by vaccinated and unvaccinated sections.

Calling of Names:

  • Graduates' names will appear on the lower thirds of the viewing screen and their name will be called as they cross the platform.
  • This process requires the graduate to claim their GradPass PRIOR to arriving to the ceremony and to check-in with University personnel before being seated.

Ceremony Photography:

  • Professional photographers from Grad Images will be present at the ceremony to capture the graduate at the center of the platform as their name is being read.
  • Guests will not be able to approach the stage platform area prior to the ceremony or anytime during the ceremony.

Live Streaming:

  • The ceremony will be live streamed on the homepage for guests who are unable to attend in person.

Additional Details:

  • Restroom facilities will be available and will be limited. Locations include St. John Hall, 2nd floor for women and 3rd floor for men and St. Thomas More Church.
  • The ceremony will be closed captioned.
  • Food and beverage concessions will not be available.
  • Each graduate and guest will be provided a bottle of water at the ceremony.

Rain, Severe, and Extreme Weather:

  • If it is raining or rain is in the forecast for the in-person ceremony, graduates and guests should come prepared with the appropriate rain gear. Graduates and guests will receive a poncho if it is raining; guest are advised to also bring raincoats and something to cover their seats. Graduates should note that umbrellas will not be permitted on stage.
  • If the ceremony is underway and severe weather conditions exist, the ceremony may be abbreviated and the calling of student names may be omitted from the program. If the ceremony is abbreviated, graduates and guests should follow instructions as announced.
  • If the ceremony cannot be held due to extreme or dangerous weather, the ceremony may be cancelled. Every reasonable effort will be made to hold the ceremony as planned.

Entrance Requirements

To be granted entrance to the in-person ceremony, all graduates, guests, faculty, staff, and vendors must understand and comply with requirements in accordance with the New York state's existing health guidance for large events. 

Check-In Process: Upon arrival, graduates, as well as their two (2) guests, should go directly to the check-in table and present the following items:

  • form of identification that includes your name and photo (student id card, driver's license, passport or other form of identification)
  • print out of the GradPass (for graduates) or a print out of the guest ticket (for guests)
  • proof of the COVID-19 vaccination series at least 14 days prior to the ceremony (in order to remove face coverings/masks)

No exceptions can be made for those unable to provide proper documentation.

Face coverings/masks:

  • Graduates and guests will be asked to socially distance and wear masks when arriving on campus until they check-in and provide proof of full vaccination.
    • For fully vaccinated graduates and guests - masks are optional.
    • For unvaccinated graduates and guests - masks are required and are only optional while seated and socially distanced.
  • Once graduates and guests are seated in their family units, face coverings and masks may be removed for the duration of the ceremony while seated and socially distanced.
  • Graduates will be asked to wear their face covering and mask when they are lining up to cross the stage platform.
  • If graduates wish to remove their face covering and mask while crossing the stage platform and posing for their photo, they will be allowed to do so as long as they put it back on immediately after exiting the platform and returning to their seat.

Bag check:

  • Bags will be checked upon entry to the check-in area.
  • Prior to arriving to the ceremony, please be sure to review the Public Safety Advisory outlining the security and safety measures that will be in place.

Note: If any attendee or household member of an attendee is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, no member of the party will be allowed entrance to the in-person ceremony. Everyone is strongly encouraged to monitor their own health in the weeks leading to the ceremony.

Parking and Directions

Please enter through Gate 1, located on Utopia Parkway, as you will be directed by Public to the appropriate parking lot and the ceremony check-in area. Please review the campus map for the gate location and the directions to the Queens campus.

Rules of Conduct

The Dean of Student Affairs advises graduates that the University will not hesitate to take disciplinary actions against student for alcohol abuse and destruction of property or other violations of University policy during the ceremonies.