Commencement Caps from the back


The GradSlides recognize and honor each individual graduate. Slides are available for download and are alphabetized by last name. 

Information appearing on the graduate slides is based on how much graduates chose to provide to GradImages (message or photo).

Messages and photos that were in any way considered defamatory, libelous, obscene, immoral, or fraudulent to St. John’s University were removed from the slideshow. All photo and message submissions were reviewed for appropriateness, content, and copyright and were edited/removed as deemed necessary.

NOTE: The names listed in the GradSlideshow are not an official listing of degree recipients. Only those students who have completed all degree requirements by May 18, 2020, appear in the GradSlideshow.

Submission deadline has passed. If eligible graduates did not submit a photo or message, their name and degree was still be listed in the GradSlide.

  • Individual photo of graduate 
  • Vertical photo gives the best results. Recommend a ¾ waist up vertical shot. 
  • Digital photo (jpg) with high resolution (no screenshots)
  • No writing or imposing any text/graphics onto the image
  • Military - do not wear your uniform as ceremony will be on the internet
  • Photo must be in good taste and appropriate for an academic audience

Tips for taking a good photo:

  • Put on your cap and gown! Align the tassel so it overlaps with your hair or the edge of your face.
  • No cap and gown? No problem! Just wear something snazzy and sharp.
  • Find the light! Facing directly towards a window during daylight hours, capturing the picture outside at sunset, or outdoors on an overcast day are several good options for optimal light.  If you’re outdoors at daytime and can’t spot the sun, conditions are ideal!
  • “Social Distancing Photography” – keep everything at least 10 ft away from you! If everything is distantly in the background, it’ll make a lot easier to virtually transport you.  We want to get you to your virtual ceremony safely and in one piece! If you’re using a smartphone (like 99% of the audience), capture your image in Portrait mode – this will also help with your digital chauffeurs get you there safely! Make sure your background contrasts sharply with you – a light colored wall, a bright landscape – something that will make you, as the subject, stand out conspicuously.
  • Crop it accurately! When framing the image, the bottom of the frame should fall right around your knees, and the top of the frame should rest on top of an imaginary can of peas to leave some breathing room.  Need help with framing? Turn your body slightly at an angle – don’t stand flat to the camera.  This angle will be far more flattering.

*Messages and photos that are in any way considered defamatory, libelous, obscene, immoral or fraudulent to St. John’s University will be removed from the slideshow. All photo and message submissions will be reviewed for appropriateness and content and will be edited or removed as deemed necessary.