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Denise Kamyuka Presents at Global Awareness Society International (GASI) Annual Conference

Monday, June 11, 2018

Denise Kamyuka, is recent graduate of our Master’s in Sport Management program and winner of the first prize in Oral Presentations during the 2017 St. John’s University Research Month. As an international student from Botswana, Denise had set her mind on using her time at St. John’s University to bolster her skills and experience in academia. This May 2018, Ms. Kamyuka was invited to present at the Global Awareness Society International (GASI) Annual Conference. The mission of the academic conference is to raise awareness and promote scholarly work around the dynamic trends in globalization and their regional effects. Tackling the role of global social forces on specific social interaction in various cultures, Ms. Kamyuka presented her paper on “The Application of the Doping Dilemma for the Economic Development of the African Female Marathon Runner,” an evolved version of the paper she presented during the 2017 Research Month.

The presentation looked at the current state of marathon running in Africa and the prevalence of doping amongst Female African marathon runner. It highlighted how doping, affects to marathon runner’s abilities to earn a living through professional running and particularly in the African context. Lastly the presentation delved into possible solutions for alleviating the doping problem, with the use of economic models.

To add to her accomplishments Ms. Kamyuka’s article was also published in the peer reviewed Journal of Global Awareness, making this her first peer reviewed academic article and certainly not her last. As far as Ms. Kamyuka is concerned, GASI’s mission is well aligned with her passion for international development and creating global communities through Sport. As an avid believer in what GASI stands to achieve, she hopes to remain a part of GASI and continue to add to the work that they are doing to promulgate the benefits of globalization while trying to mitigate its adverse effects.