Seven Ways to Elevate Your College Experience

Alumni-Sponsored Study Abroad Program Focuses on Greece
By Madison Coombs

If you’re a current or future college student, you might be eager to make the most of your college experience. Fortunately, there are several ways to ensure your college time is enriching and fulfilling.

In this blog post, you’ll discover seven practical ideas to take your college experience to the next level. Whether joining on-campus organizations that align with your interests or studying abroad to broaden your horizons, these tips are designed to help you make the most of your college years.

1) Be an Active Member of Your Community.

Students elevating their college experience through service.

Assisting with food drives, tutoring fellow students, and helping out with fundraising events are just a few ways to engage with your community. Participating in these volunteer opportunities can increase your self-awareness, and you may discover a new interest you never considered before! These opportunities can allow you to connect with other students, professors, or professionals—providing valuable networking connections you can use during or after your college journey.

Julianna M. Lo Monte, a student at St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Science, emphasizes the importance of remaining an active community member even while away from college. “I have always been engaged in some service during my education, and college is no exception,” she said. “I believe that it is essential for everyone to be aware of what they can contribute to communities or neighborhoods.”

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2) Study Abroad.

Students elevating their college experience studying abroad

Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to discover the country you’ve always dreamed of visiting while pursuing your academic goals at the same time. Living in a foreign country exposes you to new languages, cultures, and traditions—the experience differs for everyone. This is an unforgettable adventure that will stay with you forever!

Sullivan D. Padgett, a Government and Politics major, shares his experience in the St. John’s University study abroad program in the blog post Why Study Abroad in Rome? Advice from a St. John’s Student. “It changed my worldview, academic interests, career path, and personal feelings,” he said. “It opened my eyes and ears to phenomena I had never considered. Indeed, it brought me before a mountain I climbed—and now seek to climb higher.”

3) Join Greek Life or Other Student Organizations.

college students elevating their college experience in a capmpus club

Participating in Greek life or joining a student-run club can be highly advantageous during college. It offers various benefits, such as developing skills, networking opportunities, and lifelong friendships, while providing a sense of belonging.

Getting involved in these organizations can significantly boost your résumé, demonstrating to potential employers that you are active within your university, proactive, and responsible.

4) Attend University Events.

Taichi university event

Many universities organize events to encourage students to participate and explore their interests. These events offer an opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals with similar interests. Participating in panel discussions, art exhibitions, concerts, and leadership seminars can enhance your personal and academic life and provide valuable skills and memories that will last a lifetime. Make the most of these opportunities tailored to enrich your university experience. 

5) Participate in an Internship Program.

CCPS Academic Service-Learning Colloquium

Internships are excellent opportunities to gain practical experience in your field. Not only can they equip you with skills that you can apply in the workplace, but they can also earn you credits toward your degree. Moreover, having relevant experience on your résumé can make you a more attractive candidate to potential employers.

Are you interested in an internship? St. John’s University recommends visiting University Career Services for more internship information. Advisers also assist students with their résumé and offer guidance with the interview process.

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6) Attend Career Fairs and Career Workshops.

2023 Fall Career and Internship Expo

Career fairs and workshops are perfect for connecting with professionals and strengthening your career skill set.

Career fairs attract employers looking to hire students for internships or full-time and part-time job opportunities. Career workshops are great for learning more about the career you are interested in while actively strengthening and diversifying your skills; you may even learn about certain qualifications employers seek. Be on the lookout for any career-based events—you won’t want to miss them!

7) Explore New Places.

Tobin Honors students have a great day in New York, visiting Nasdaq 960x240

University field trips or other university trips are perfect for exploring new places if you need help figuring out where to start.

Several college courses offer field trips to explore museums or other areas related to your classes. Field trips can further educate you on the subject you are learning about while creating long-lasting memories with your peers. Clubs and student organizations may also host trips corresponding to your hobbies or interests. These are perfect opportunities to get out and explore the world.


Final Thoughts

Your time in college may look like a long journey, but it goes by faster than you think!

Make the most of your time. Attend events, make friends, and document the memories you make. Whether you write in a journal, take images or videos, or create a scrapbook, it is great to have something to look back on to remember your time.

St. John's University Student

Madison Coombs

Digital Content Writer

Madison Coombs is a third-year student studying Public Relations at St. John’s University. She is a Digital Content Writer through the work-study program. Originally from Gaithersburg, Maryland, she always had a dream of attending a university in New York. Madison is also the Public Relations Chair of RedHouse, the fashion club at St. John’s. Her ultimate goal is to secure a job in New York in the field of social media or public relations.