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Headshot of an Senior Actuarial Science St. John's University Alum

Exploring a Career in Actuarial Science: Q&A With Industry Expert

Are you interested in risk assessment, financial forecasting, and strategic decision-making? If so, get ready to explore the fascinating world of actuarial science. In this Q&A, we talk to St. John's University alum Brandon Alcaide,’19C, ’20GSRM. He is a Senior Actuarial Associate at TIAA, a well-known Fortune 100 financial services company providing extensive financial solutions.

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Toni Critelli
Maciek Nowak, Ph.D.,

Q&A with Maciek Nowak, Ph.D.

Dean of The Peter J. Tobin College of Business and the Joseph H. and Maria C. Schwartz Distinguished Chair at St. John's University.

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When Should You Pursue an M.B.A.?

Deciding to pursue a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree is a significant career
decision. The decision requires careful thought and consideration. There are many questions to weigh when making this decision; is it better to pursue an M.B.A. right after an undergraduate degree or after a few years of work experience preferred? These are just some considerations to determine when to pursue an M.B.A.

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Advantages of an Online M.B.A.

Choosing to pursue an M.B.A. is a great opportunity for career advancement, but it isn’t one to be made lightly. You may need additional flexibility that attending classes in person during the day won’t allow. As digital learning becomes more advanced, colleges and universities are offering online M.B.A. programs to help meet these needs while still providing an excellent education.

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Neuroscience Master’s Curriculum: What to Expect

Neuroscience is the science behind human thought, emotions and behaviors and involves  studying the physical aspects of the brain and central nervous system. Obtaining a master’s in neuroscience can prepare you  to eventually go on to earn your Ph.D., but a master’s in neuroscience can also prepare you for careers in research – such as university programs, pharmaceutical companies, or the government – just to name a few. What does it look like to get your master’s in neuroscience? What are the types of courses you’ll take along the way? Let’s explore the curriculum for earning   a master’s in neuroscience.

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Four Debt-Free Ways to Pay for Graduate School

We often hear about the rising costs of student debt and tuition fees, but fortunately, there are options to fund your graduate program—including a few that don’t require a student loan.

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Toni Critelli
photo of laptop with charts and graphs

Full-time vs Part-time M.B.A: Which is Right For You?

One of the first decisions a prospective M.B.A. student must make is whether they want to pursue their degree full-time or part-time. That decision has a significant impact on not only the time to complete the M.B.A., but also has financial factors that must be considered. Which program is right for you? Short answer: it depends.