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Academic Service-Learning

Academic service-learning at St. John’s University is a classroom/ experiential site- based program that involves students in some form of required community service that benefits the common (public) good and uses service as a means of understanding course concepts. The service activity meets course objectives, and through reflection students examine issues pertaining to social justice and responsibility.

“I loved participating. I am truly changed for the better after my service learning. I now want to give back and do more. It is a feeling I have never felt before and something I plan on doing more. I want to thank St. John’s for the life changing opportunity.” First Year Student 2016-2017

Community Service Sites 

AS-L Faculty Program Calendar Fall 2017-Spring 2018

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Five Validating Factors of Academic Service-Learning

  1. Academic service-learning must be part of an academic course, with a designated number of service hours and specific learning objectives
  2. It must serve a real and existing need identified by the community agency
  3. It must be for course credit only; no financial reward for service
  4. There must be a reciprocal relationship – service reinforces learning and  learning strengthens service; benefits for both SJU students and the community site
  5. Academic service-learning must have a reflective component

AS-L Highlights from Fall 2017

PHI 1025: Bullying and Moral Responsibility with Dr. Webber & DNY 1000C: Principles of Marketing with Dr. DiMarco

Dr. Webber’s Bullying and Moral Responsibility class created another successful Anti-Bullying Workshop for middle school students from the Immaculate Conception Catholic School. The interactive presentations and games Dr. Webber’s students created, illustrated philosophical and ethical concepts in the context of bullying. Through teaching their younger counterparts to recognize bullying and understand its detrimental effects, Dr. Webber’s students are hoping to instill the moral responsibility of treating everyone with respect and lessen the frequency of bullying amongst middles school students. Dr. Webber’s class worked with Dr. DiMarco’s Principles of Marketing class to created Anti-Bullying posters for the students to take back to their school. 

MKT 1001: Principles of Marketing & MKT 1002: Fundamentals of Advertising and Sales Promotion with Dr. Licari

Dr. Licari’s Principles of Marketing class and Fundamentals of Advertising and Sales Promotion class worked with the St. John’s for Fair Trade Committee to aid them in creating a Marketing and Education Campaign to promote the Fair Trade goods sold on campus. The group aimed to educate students on why their consumer choices matter and how these choices impact communities worldwide. The students also came up with a list of Fair Trade good they would like to see sold on campus. 

MKT 2301: Principles of Marketing & MKT 3321: Marketing of Financial Service with Prof. Maggiore

Prof. Maggiore’s Principles of Marketing classes and Marketing of Financial Service class worked on a marketing and development implementation plan for Pajama Program. One of the groups in the class, went above and beyond and together with the help of their friends in Greek Life they planned and executed a Pajama and Book drive and organized a Pajama Program reading at the Red Storm Diner on campus with 5th grade students from an elementary school on Long Island. 


CSD 341: Management of Pediatric Dysphagia with Dr. Colodny

Dr. Colodny’s Management of Pediatric Dysphagia class traveled to Antigua, Guatemala to serve medically fragile children with cleft lips, cleft palates, cerebral palsy, and other medical comorbidities whom have difficulty swallowing. The group aimed to assist in making appropriate diet recommendations, appropriate bottle flow and spoon sizes, and positioning adjustments to ensure safe and adequate nutrition while reducing the risk of aspiration. Additionally, Dr. Colodny held workshops to educate the staff members at the facilities on the safe and appropriate feeding techniques that the group continued to implement.


SOC 2010: Inside/Out Prison Exchange with Dr. Judith Ryder

Dr. Judith Ryder has helped to create a dynamic partnership between SJU and Rikers Island Jail with a course that brings our “outside” students together with those “inside” in order to gain a deep understanding of crime, justice and social inequality. This AS-L project promotes the dignity and worth of all people, especially the poor and marginalized, which is at the heart of our SJU Mission. During the fall semester as part of the AS-L component of the course the students published a magazine intended to build bridges from the inside out. 

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