Spring 2018

GLOBE Spring 2018 Class

Each semester, students enrolled in the Global Microloan Program will update this site with their weekly program logs. The Spring 2018 student teams include Enterprise Development and Program Impact Audits; and Finance, Budgets and Risk Assessment; Marketing and Fundraising Team; and Technology and Communications Team.

Enterprise Development and Program Impact Audits Team: Edouard Jeanty, Sarah Noureldeen, Thalia Philip, Andrea Provvido*

Finance and Risk Assessment Team: Esther Alaran, Mecara Bruce, Matthew Edwards, Dylan Hawxhurst, Jessica Schaefer*

Marketing and Fundraising Team: Alexia Dolamakian, Angeline Fang, Alessandra Pasqualone*, Olivia Yeaple, Christopher Zervos 

Technology and Communications Team: Megan McCarthy, Judy Russell, Zachary Savino*, Kodiak Simpson 

*Team Liaisons