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Choosing the right college for you is more than just selecting a major and applying to schools.

It requires research, visits, meeting people, asking the right questions, and getting to know the core of what makes that college special. At St. John’s, the proximity to New York City, the University’s heritage in the Catholic faith and the students are what help make St. John’s unique. With more than 100 different majors, a booming student life, and numerous study abroad opportunities, students come to St. John’s feeling a part of a community.


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What is your application deadline?
St. John’s University honors a rolling admission policy, which means the admission committee will consider applications for admission throughout the year, as long as space is available. However, we encourage students to apply by the Early Action dates, as admission consideration is given to applications received by the deadlines posted below. Please note there are some dates and deadlines for priority status or for admission to a specific program.


DeadlineNotification Date (on or around)

Early Action

December 1

January 3

Rolling Decision (excludes Pharmacy and Bio-Optometry)


Beginning February 1

Pharmacy Regular Decision

February 1

March 15

Bio-Optometry Regular Decision

January 1

February 15

Applications to the Pharmacy and Bio-Optometry program are only accepted for fall semester admission.

Fine Arts applicants must submit their portfolio online via SlideRoom by January 15 if they wish to be considered for the Fine Arts Scholarship. Images can be uploaded to https://sju.slideroom.comPLEASE NOTE that portfolios submitted via SlideRoom will show as "Awaiting" in the student's portal checklist until the portfolio has been scored. If the student continues to see portfolio status of "Awaiting" in the student portal for a period of MORE THAN two weeks, he or she should contact the Office of Admission at 718-990-2000 to inquire regarding status. Complete portfolio submission details can be found here. International students seeking fall admission are asked to submit their applications by May 1. International students seeking spring admission are asked to submit their application by November 1. See more International FAQs

What are your requirements for admission?
Admission requirements are dependent upon the program to which you are applying. Learn more about St. John's test-optional application process here. Please contact the Office of Admission if you have questions regarding admission to specific majors - 718-990-2000 or [email protected].

In The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, our most successful students enter St. John’s University with four years of high school mathematics, including either statistics, pre-calculus, or calculus. The success of our students is our top priority, so we encourage students to take this into consideration before applying for admission to a program within The Peter J. Tobin College of Business.

I am interested in more than one major, do I need to submit multiple applications?
With 100+ programs available, we understand that it can be difficult to choose just one. When you submit your undergraduate admission application, please indicate the major that is of greatest interest to you or select “Undecided”. If you later change your mind, simply email us at [email protected] with your name, date of birth, and the major for which you would like now like to apply. There is no need to submit a separate application for undergraduate admission.

I am interested in both the Queens and the Staten Island campus. How do I apply to both campuses?
Students are not able to apply to both campuses at this time and will need to select a campus when completing the undergraduate application for admission. If you would like to switch campuses after you submit your application, simply email us at [email protected] with your name, date of birth, and the campus you would like to attend.

If I am not admitted into the major of my choice, can I apply for a different major?
All students will be considered for admission to St. John’s, as well as admission to their first choice major upon review of their admission application. If we are unable to offer admission into the first choice major, we will review each student for their second choice major (if applicable) and admission to the University.

Where do I send my transcript and supporting application documentation?
If you need to upload documents after submission, please either login to the student portal or submit via snail mail:

  • St. John’s University
    Office of Undergraduate Admission
    Attn: Undergraduate Admission Processing
    8000 Utopia Parkway
    Queens, NY 11439

In order to successfully match all documents, use your legal name on all documents. Use this same full legal name on all of your application materials (including test scores). For U.S. citizens, this should be the same as it appears on your Social Security card.

Do I need to send a recommendation letter or essay as part of our application?
For non-test-optional applicants, essays and recommendation letters are not mandatory, they are recommended. You may choose to write an essay on any topic that interests you. Remember, however, that your essay needs to provide us with additional information about you that cannot be gleaned from your application. Ideally, your essay should be approximately 250 words. 

Test-optional applicants are required to submit an essay for admission consideration. Letters of recommendation and resume are not mandatory, but they are recommended.

If you are applying to the Pharmacy program, an essay of 250 words describing why you are pursuing a career in Pharmacy and why you are applying to St. John's is required. You are also required to submit two letters of recommendation (one must be from a science or math teacher).

Do you accept AP, IB, or college credits taken in high school?
AP credit is awarded depending upon the score on your exam as well as your intended major.  We also award credit for IB exams though we do not award credit for the full IB diploma.  IB credit is awarded based on the score on your exam and your intended major.  Students seeking credit for AP or IB courses must send their official AP or IB score report(s) to St. John’s University.

College credits in high school will be awarded based upon the grade in the class, the subject of the class, and your intended major.  Generally speaking, college courses must be at least three credits and you must receive at least a “C.”   Students seeking credit for college courses must send their final, official college transcript to St. John’s University.

Can I apply online?
Yes!  More than 90% of our applicants for admission apply online.  Our online application can be found at here. We waive the application fee if you apply using our online application.

Is an interview required?
Interviews are not required for admission, nor are they a factor in the admission process.

As a prospective student-athlete, where can I send my athletics films for the coaches to review?
If you are interested in playing for the Red Storm and are not currently being recruited, you can send your game films and athletic accomplishments information directly to the coaches of the teams you want to play for. The coaches contact information can be found here. You may also want to fill out the Prospective Student-Athlete Questionnaire by clicking here

Can I apply if I have earned a GED?
Applicants with a GED are welcome to apply to St. John’s.  You must submit the official GED score report along with the Diploma.

Does St. Johns University admit students who have been home schooled?
Students who are home schooled are welcome to apply to St. John’s.  Academic transcripts and standardized test scores are required to apply for admission. Home schooled students should contact the Office of Admission for specific enrollment requirements. For information pertaining to specific schools or programs, you may consult the bulletin.

If I will complete most or all of my high school requirements as a junior, can I apply as a high school junior?
You can apply as a junior in high school as long as you are receiving your high school diploma within that academic year.

Does St. John’s accept the Common Application?
Yes, St. John's University is a member of the Common Application. Students can apply via the Common Application at

I attended St. John's ten years ago and would like to return. What is the process I would have to go through?
You need to complete a readmit application.  If you have attended another college or university, you must complete a transfer application.  You must also supply us with a written statement of activity detailing what you have been doing since you were last enrolled in school.  You can complete and submit your application online.

How do I log into UIS (University Information System)?
Your User ID is your official St. John's ID number -- it starts with a capital "X" and appears on your acceptance letter. For first time users, your initial PIN is Sj + the eight digits of your X-ID, without the X, as in Sj12345678. Once logged in, your PIN can be changed by clicking the Personal Information Menu.

I am an incoming freshman and have decided on a different program to major in. What steps do I have to take in order to change it?
If you wish to change your major prior to enrolling at St. John’s University, you must submit a letter to the Office of Admission with the new program that you wish to major in. An admissions counselor will review your request. Once enrolled in St. John’s University, you must work with your Academic Advisor to change your major.

What are the hours for the library and computer labs?    
Both the library and Sullivan Computer Lab are open 24 hours.

What exercise facilities are available on campus?
The state-of-the-art fitness center is located in Carnesecca Arena.  In addition to having stairmasters, treadmills, dumbbells, ellipticals, life fitness pin loaded machines, and plate loaded free weights, the fitness center also offers a wide variety of free fitness classes.  Students also have access to an indoor and outdoor basketball court, tennis courts, soccer field, and outdoor track.

Do you have a student center on campus?
The St. John’s University D’Angelo Center (DAC), our 127,000 square foot serves as a luxury student life center.  Boasting fourteen smart classrooms, state-of-the-art computer labs, a food court, our “campus living room,” and the cheapest Starbucks in New York City, this student center will be enjoyed by students for generations to come.  The Campus Center at Staten Island features offices of Campus Ministry and Student Life along with a cafeteria, game room, student organization offices and a gymnasium.  The strikingly modern Manhattan campus contains plenty of meeting and classroom space along with fitness and computer lab facilities, state-of-the art classrooms and an extensive library.  Just across the street from the Manhattan campus is Battery Park featuring waterfront promenades. 

Can I bring a car to campus?
Plenty of on-campus parking is available for commuting students, faculty, staff and visitors.  Commuting students must purchase a commuter parking pass.  Upper-class resident students may also purchase a parking pass on a space available basis.  Freshmen resident students are asked not to bring their cars to campus.

Is there a specific Pharmacy application?
No, you may apply via The Common Application or via our online application.  You can find out application by clicking here.

Do I have to submit an essay and recommendations with my application?
You are required to submit an essay of 250 words on the topic that is described in the undergraduate application (why you are choosing a career in Pharmacy and why you are applying to St. John's University) and are required to submit two letters of recommendation; one of these must be from either a science or math teacher and the second letter can be from anyone else such as a counselor, teacher, coach, etc. You are also required to submit an extracurricular activity sheet describing what activities you have been involved in as well as sign the Pharmacy Technical Standards portion of the admission application.

What are the requirements to get into the program?
Acceptance into the program is based on the strength of the application pool. Your decision will be based on a combination of your academic credentials, your essay, letters of recommendation, and what activities you have been involved in. You must also review and agree to the program’s Technical Standards which are listed in the application.
You also have to have taken one year of Chemistry, at least four years of English, at least three years of Math, at least two years of a foreign language, and at least one year of History during high school.

Do you accept AP credits/college level courses?
The only AP classes that are acceptable for Pharmacy are Math (Calculus and/or Statistics) and English (English Literature and/or English Composition). For the math classes we look for a 5 and for English at least a 4 on the AP exam. Equivalent college level courses taken during high school for dual credit will be evaluated by the Dean’s office and/or the offering Department chair upon enrollment at St. John’s University to determine if credit will be awarded.

Do you have to take the PCAT’s?
No, since we are a 0-6 program and students are admitted directly from high school, you do not have to complete the PCAT’S to be accepted into the Doctor of Pharmacy program at St. John’s University.

Are transfer students accepted into the Doctor of Pharmacy Program?
Yes. Transfer students may apply to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program. 

What are the residence halls like?
At our Queens campus, our residence halls were recently built and all have in-suite bathrooms. At our Staten Island campus, resident students live in garden-style apartments adjacent to campus. Residence hall rooms are included in our campus tours which are offered daily. To visit St. John's, please contact us at 1-888-9STJOHNS or [email protected].

How are residence hall and roommate assignments made?
New freshmen are placed in housing based on the information submitted in the Housing Application and Roommate Questionnaire. Returning students participate in housing selection each spring.

When do admitted students receive their housing assignments?
Students will receive their housing assignments about one month prior to move-in if they have paid both their enrollment and housing deposits before the housing deadline.

Is campus housing available for transfer students?
Housing is available for transfer students.

Does the University guarantee housing?
University housing is available for freshman and sophomore years. Freshmen must submit their $300 enrollment deposit and $400 housing deposit by  May 1 for fall semester enrollment or by January 15 for spring semester enrollment. Returning students must meet eligibility requirements to enter housing selection each year. Returning students should contact the Office of Residential Life for more information. 

Is smoking allowed in University housing facilities?
All buildings on campus, including residence halls, are smoke-free facilities.

What is the dining hall food like?
St. John's University Campus Dining Services offers students the convenience of various locations and healthy dining choices on our Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan Campuses.  Cafeterias, buffet-style dining, café and late-night dining, food courts and Starbucks are available and vary by campus.

Are there co-ed dorm arrangements?
Though each floor and suite in our residence halls are single-sex, the buildings themselves are co-ed.

Are pets allowed in the resident halls?
Pets are not allowed in any residence hall at the University.

Can I visit campus? Do I need an appointment? 
Yes.  The St. John's Office of Admission offers presentations by an Admission counselor followed by a student-guided campus tour.  Campus visits provide prospective students and their families with an opportunity to explore all aspects of St. John’s University - from the residential village, to the various academic areas to campus life. Please see our Visit page for schedules and hours.

Can I stay in a residence hall when I visit campus?
Overnight visits are offered in the spring to accepted students.  To view a list of upcoming accepted student events, please visit our Accepted Student Page.

Can I talk with current students during my visit?
Yes.  We encourage all of our visitors to speak with current students.  Your campus tour will be conducted by a current St. John’s student and is just one of the many opportunities you will have to speak with current students.

Can I meet with someone regarding my specific academic area of interest?
Open House and Accepted Student Day are offered in the fall and spring respectively.  During those events all faculty are present to discuss specific academic areas.  If you wish to speak with faculty outside of those designated events, please contact the Office of Admission at 1-718-990-2000 or [email protected].

When is the best time to visit campus?
Campus is beautiful during all seasons, but we recommend visiting during the school year so that you can get a real feel for St. John’s in action.  There is limited access to the resident village when classes are not in session.