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Frequently Asked Questions


Below please find answers and specific information to frequently asked questions about graduate study at St. John's University. We wish you all the best as you prepare for graduate study. For additional information, call our Office of Graduate Admission at 718-990-1601 or email [email protected].

How may I apply to St. John's University?
Please view our Apply Now page for more information on graduate application options as well as specific application requirements.

What information must be included with my application to be considered for admission to the graduate program at St. John's?

  • Provide all official college/university records including diploma/degree conferral
  • Submit official GRE/GMAT scores (if required by your program)
  • Provide the required number of letters of recommendation
  • Submit a statement of professional goals
  • Fulfill individual program requirements (See our online bulletin.)
  • Submit $70.00 (U.S.) application fee (non-refundable) with online application
  •  Resume

Is the online application the only information I have to submit?
Most required documentation can be submitted online with the online application. Official transcripts need to be submitted to our processing center. If the Office of Graduate Admission receives your corresponding information before receiving your online application, the Office will file the information for processing with your entire application.

How long does it take St. John's to make a decision on my application?
Every application is reviewed carefully by an individual Committee on Admissions in each department. The decision time varies depending on the department/program to which you apply. We encourage you to apply as early in the process as possible.

What should I write in my statement of goals?
Your statement of goals is a personal essay in which you should briefly, but meaningfully, introduce yourself and describe what you hope to achieve by earning a graduate degree at St. John's. For example, applicants may address such topics as why they chose St. John's, what professional steps they plan to take after earning their degree, and the way that they can contribute to the graduate community if accepted.

May I apply for two degrees within the same program?
You may apply for only one degree at a time within the same graduate program.

Contact Information

Office of Graduate Admission
St. John's University
Room 106 Newman Hall
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY  11439
[email protected]

What is the application deadline to submit my graduate application?
Most of St. John's graduate programs accept applications on a "rolling admission" basis, allowing you to apply throughout the academic year. Once we receive your application and all necessary documents, we forward them to the appropriate academic department, where it is reviewed by specific Committees on Admission.

However, some programs do have specific application deadlines requiring that all necessary materials be received by a requested date.

Refer to Application Deadlines for more detailed information.

What is St. John's official testing code?

  • The School Code for the Queens and Manhattan campus is 2799.
  • For Staten Island, it is 2845.
  • The Peter J. Tobin College of Business:
    For GMAT codes, go to this site.
    The GRE code is – 2851 

Does St. John's require that applicants take the GRE (General and/or Subject Test), or the GMAT, depending on program?
There are certain programs at St. John's that require the GRE General exam, while others may require both the GRE General and Subject exam. Check below for a list of those departments. Other departments do not require the GRE's for application consideration. Review the Graduate Bulletin for specific program requirements. For GMAT and GRE requirements for The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, please contact 718-990-1345 or [email protected].

College of Pharmacy and Health Science (M.S. and Ph.D)
Requires GRE General Exam; please note: GRE not required for PA program

Does St. John's only consider standardized test scores and GPA's when evaluating an applicant for admission?
St. John's considers applicants' entire admission package when evaluating them for admission, including letters of recommendation; statement of professional goals; academic transcripts; GRE/GMAT scores (if required); and any necessary writing samples.

Does St. John's offer financial aid to graduate students?
At the graduate level, St. John's offers federal student loans. If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you may apply by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is available at our Office of Financial Aid:

Queens/Manhattan Campus
Office of Financial Aid
St. John's University
8000 Utopia Pkwy.
Queens, NY 11439
(718) 990-2000

Staten Island Campus
Office of Financial Aid
St. John's University
300 Howard Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10301
(718) 390-4453

Check our Financial Aid Web site or e-mail [email protected]
In addition, each department offers various assistantships (for master's degree students) and fellowships (for doctoral students).

Does St. John's offer assistantships and/or fellowships?
St. John's offers assistantships (for master's degree students) and fellowships (for doctoral degree students). Under an assistantship, St. John's pays a student's tuition and provides a small stipend in exchange for 15 to 20 hours a week of work for an individual department. Students with assistantships in the humanities work as research assistants, while those with assistantships in the sciences work as teaching assistants. Fellowships are geared specifically toward students in doctoralprograms, who receive full tuition without having to provide any work hours per week.

How do I apply for an assistantship (for master's degree students) or fellowship (for doctoral degree students)?
First, an applicant must fill out the Graduate Assistantship/Fellowship Application included in the St. John's application. Candidates for assistantships/fellowships must be applicants for full-time graduate study at St. John's. The student may not work a full-time job while serving as a Graduate Assistant/Fellow. GRE exam scores may be required, depending upon the program of study. If a department or program does not require GRE scores, then they will not be required for consideration for an assistantship within that department or program.

How do I check the status of my assistantship application?
If you have questions concerning assistantships, or would like to know the status of your assistantship application, please contact the dean or director of your intended academic program.

How can I receive assistance in the application process?
St. John's offers personal, one-on-one interviews with a graduate counselor to discuss the necessary steps needed to apply to our varied graduate programs.

  • For St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the College of Pharmacy, and the College of Professional Studies, call the Office of Graduate Admission at 718-990-1601, or e-mail a counselor at [email protected].
  • For The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, contact 718-990-1345 or [email protected].
  • For the School of Education, contact [email protected]

Is there graduate housing available at St. John's?
Yes, please visit our Graduate Housing page for more information. 

Do I need a bachelor's degree in the specific field in which I wish to pursue a master's degree?
You must possess a baccalaureate degree of some type before entering graduate school at St. John's University. Check our online Graduate Bulletin for specific program information.

In most cases, your bachelor's degree does not have to be in the particular field to which you are applying. However, you do need a sufficient number of undergraduate credits in that field. For most programs, 18-21 undergraduate credits in the field are required to be considered for a specific graduate program.

What should I do if I do not have 18-21 credits in the specific field in which I want to pursue a master's degree?
If you do not fulfill the 18-21 undergraduate credit requirement, you may have to take the appropriate number of undergraduate courses at an accredited institution before applying to St. John's graduate programs. Most universities/colleges will allow you to take courses on an undergraduate level without moving toward a degree.

Where do I send my supporting documentation for admission?

Graduate Admission Processing Service Center
St John's University
Office of Graduate Admission
8000 Utopia Parkway
106 Newman Hall
Queens, NY 11439