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Birthday Greetings


"Fifty years ago, in 1971, I joined the SJU family as an undergraduate at SJC. For this daughter of a NYC bus driver, it provided a path that would introduce me to the world of Government and Politics. After receiving my BA/MA, I was offered the chance to be an Adjunct Instructor in 1976, and in 1977, I met Secretary of State Mario Cuomo, and worked on his 1977 Mayoral campaign. In 1980, I ran for the NYS Senate and while I didn’t win, it afforded a great vista to government. In 1983, I started a 12 year career Governor Cuomo, which culminated in my being named a Deputy Commissioner at the NYSDMV-so exciting for this bus drivers daughter!
I have had the opportunity to speak at five Albany Alumni events and I end every presentation by saying, All I am, I owe to St. John’s and one of its greatest graduates- Mario Cuomo.”
 Patricia Reilly '74C, '75G

 "As a proud member of the SJU community, I appreciate the rewarding engagements with professors, administrators, and Ph.D. students/candidates. You have helped me to become a better leader, educator, and person. Happy Birthday St. John's University!"
 John Blicharz

"Happy 150th Birthday St. John’s! 🎂 🎈
Feliz cumpleaños e Buon compleanno!
Tantissimi auguri!" 
— Daniel M. Drebycz '06C and Javier Urena '07C

"I was a member of the department of Theology and Religious Studies for fifteen years until the fall semester of 2020...Serving as a member of the faculty of St. John's University was a distinct honor. I was happy to be a part of the Mission of St. Vincent de Paul and St. John the Baptist. "Educatio Christiana Animae Perfectio." "Ministrare non Minitrari." I pray that the Department of Theology and Religious Studies continues to grow and to contribute to the Mission of St. John's University."
— Prof. James Hannan

"I am so grateful for Professor Frank Brady, who is still part of St. Johns. I was one of the earliest members of the Journalism Department. I double majored in English and Journalism. Frank Brady gave me a Scholarship for working on St Johns Today. My mother was struggling to pay my tuition. That scholarship made it easy for me to graduate in 1991 Summa Cum Laude Double Major in English and Journalism. I am very emotional as I write this. My mother will be gone 11 years on September 21, and we were very close in life. In my mothers day, you either got married or went to college. My mother got married. She was so proud of me when I graduated...
Happy 150th Birthday. We are St Johns."
— Catherine Outerial '91C

"May God guide the plans and decisions of the leaders of this institution as long as they are sought in sincerity (Jere 7). May God bless the institution, their efforts and all those who are affiliated with this university. Happy birthday SJU."
— Geraldine Boyden '08G, '12Ph.D.

"The Prep School, College and Law School animated by dedicated professors, priests, and fellow students provided me with the very finest foundations for living a good life, a successful career, teaming up with a wonderful wife and raising a happy loving family of three boys, a daughter, and seven grandkids. How great it's been!"
— George S. Evans '54C, '57L

"Thank you for all the years of support from the staff and faculty at St. John's. Stay Safe during this crisis."
— Debbie Olivo Gonzalez '01CPS

"As a current practicing educator (with several degrees) coming to the end of my 30+ year career, I firmly believe that my excellence as a teacher stems from my teacher preparation as an undergraduate at St Johns. I remember feeling so sad each May during my time there knowing that I had to leave my college experience for a few months. Wonderful friends, professors, Marillac Hall and the Rathskeller. I’m still in contact with those friends almost 50 years later. Happy 150th Birthday wonderful St. John’s University."
— Ann Susini '74Ed

"Happy anniversary! St. John's has always been an important part of my schooling and my career. I began my education at SJU as it commenced its centennial celebration, then I was privileged to carry the School of Education banner at the 125 anniversary procession and mass at St. Patrick Cathedral. The enduring value of a relationship with SJU was exemplified this past spring and summer in the wide variety of remote, enrichment programs offered by the University. May the SJU legacy continue to flourish throughout the future."
 — Kathleen Miranda '73C, '74G, '99Ed.D.

"Happy Birthday St. John's!"
— Lenore C. Foote '63Ed 

"Happy 150th Birthday, St. John's!!!!
My years at St. John's had a profound influence on shaping my life and career path. From age 17 to present, I have taken the lessons learned in my Studio classes and have been able to apply them throughout my career in the Art Field. From Graphic Designer, Children's Wear Designer, Home based Craft Business Designer to Art Specialist and now retired...I can't wait to see where and what the future holds for me. I can assure you, it will always have Art at the heart."
— Susan Ferro '79C 

"Happy 150th Birthday STJ!"
— Robert Tester '11G 

 "Happy Birthday!"
— Steven J. Muscat '75C, '78MBA

"Dear St. John’s,

Happy 150th Birthday, old friend! You’ve seen New York City, the USA, and the world change so much in your 150 years, but one thing hasn’t changed: you’ve been a home for hundreds of thousands to learn, develop their gifts and talents, and grow to better understand God’s place in their lives and in the eyes of the poor.
20 years ago this morning, I pulled in through Gate 4, walked past Alumni Hall (it was still just ‘Alumni Hall’ then) and began this chapter of our life together. You’ve given me the chance to travel our country and our world, to be a part of amazing experiences, and to build a community and friendships that, please God, will last the rest of my lifetime.
You worked with the Spirit and filled me with hope to know I wasn’t the only young adult whose Catholic faith was important to them. You asked me to come back home and help a new generation of St. John’s students and I was blessed to do so for nearly nine years.
Though this son of yours is a little far away from your doors, I hope that whoever I encounter can see your impact in my life. Here’s to 150 more!"
— James Behan, Jr. '04CPS, '10G

"Happy 150th birthday to SJU! I loved my time there as a doctoral student in The School of Education. Greetings to all my former professors Dr. James Campbell, Dr. Barbara Signer , memories of the very lovely Dr. Rita Dunn and many others. Thanks to all who made it possible for me to succeed in my courses there!"
— Lorraine Tawfik '05Ed.D.

"Congrats on the longevity of St. John's University. I am proud to be a alumnus of this great learning institution. Best Wishes, always."
— Abigail Rudder '15TCB

"Congratulations to the University that has spent a century and a half making a difference for those among us whose needs are great. From a small farmhouse in Brooklyn to one of the world's most respected universities, St. John's graduates have made significant contributions, both personally and professionally, to the greater good - locally, nationally and internationally. And let us never forget - the St. John's family is forever. Ad multos annos!"
— Thomas Burke '68C, '71G

"Happy 150th Birthday, St. John's University!!! Thank you for providing me with such a wonderful education under the Vincentian spirit!!! You are a great Catholic institution!!! May God continue to bless you for generations to come!!!"
— David Tam '91C, '95G

"Congratulations to St. John’s University on their 150th Anniversary. We met as sorority pledges in 1962 and have been dear friends since then - sisters forever. Thank you, St. John’s, for all you have done."
— Gloria Henn ‘64Ed, ‘65GEd, Margaret “Peggy” Rossi ‘65Ed, ‘90Ph.D., and Geraldine “Gerry” Ruggieri DiPersia ‘65Ed, ‘67GEd