Math and Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is dedicated to the preparation of students for a dynamic future. Our faculty develop curricula that will challenge your curiosity, employ your inventive facilities, and allow you to enjoy the triumph of discovery. We follow Euclid's rigorous approach to mathematics while exploring modern topics like sustainability.

Our faculty are active researchers who provide an outstanding learning environment for students. Their research interests are diverse and include pure mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science, functional analysis, algebra, differential geometry, and topology. 

Department Contact

Mikhail Ostrovskii, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
[email protected]

Mathematics and Computer Science Minors

The Computer Science minor is only available on the Staten Island campus. It requires the completion of 21 credits, including the following:

  • CSC 1400; 1410 Computer Science I; II

Students in the minor must also choose five courses from among the following:

  • CSC 2370 Data Communications
  • CSC 2420 Logical Design and Computer Architecture
  • CSC 2430 Computer Organization
  • CSC 2440 Compiler Design
  • CSC 2450 Programming Languages
  • CSC 2460 Simulation
  • CSC 2470 Operating Systems
  • CSC 2480 Algorithms and Data Structures
  • CSC 2490 Databases
  • CSC 2500 Data Security and Cryptography
  • MTH 2540 Computer Mathematics

The Data Science minor requires the completion of 16-17 credits. 

Required Courses

CalculusMTH 1220 or MTH 17304 credits
StatisticsMTH 1020, MTH 1210, or equivalent3-4 credits
CSC 1380Introduction to Computer and Data Science3 credits


Choose two courses (six credits) from among the following:

MTH 1040Mathematical Models for Decision Making3 credits
MTH 3310Design and Analysis of Algorithms3 credits
MTH 3320Introduction to Machine Learning3 credits
MTH 3970Topics in Applied Mathematics3 credits

The 18-credit Information Science minor is available on the Staten Island campus only. It requires completion of the following courses:

  • CSC 1020 Principles of Computer Science
  • CSC 1350  Commercial Computing or CSC 1400 Computer Science I
  • CSC 2490 Databases

Students must also choose three from the following elective courses:

  • CSC 1410 Computer Science II
  • CSC 1470 Advanced Programming
  • CSC 2450 Programming Languages
  • CSC 2480 Algorithms and Data Structures
  • CSC 2640 Networking I-TCP/IP

The Mathematics minor requires completion of the following courses, for a total of 25 credits:

  • CSC 1390 Computer Programming with Calculus Application or CSC 1400 Computer Science I (Staten Island)
  • MTH 1730; 1740 University Calculus I; II
  • MTH 2750; 2760 University Calculus III; IV
  • MTH 2790 Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • MTH 2700 Introduction to Mathematical Thinking