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Partnering Technology Webstores for Personal Purchases

Discounted Purchases from Lenovo and Apple

St. John's University has teamed up with our Lenovo and Apple partners to offer all of the SJU community access to special discounts for purchase of laptops and other accessories.  Through the online WebStores, you can find laptops, as well as accessories from extra power cables, USB-C adapters, USB hubs, external monitors, headsets, and keyboard / mice sets.

When purchasing a laptop, it is highly recommended to include the purchase of Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) insurance, either directly with Lenovo or through Safeware for Apple. This protection will cover any physical damages to the laptop, such as accidental spill or drop damage.

To access the stores, follow the links below. You will be asked to create an account within the store and pay upfront via credit card.

*Disclaimer: Purchases acquired through these websites are personal devices, and are not eligible for repair at St. John's Technology Center. These purchases all come with a warranty for support through the vendor, Lenovo or Apple. 

We have partnered with Lenovo to provide a way for the St. John's Community to be able to purchase a Lenovo laptop.

There are 5 different stock models that are ready to ship, and 2 models that can be customized and upgraded. The customized models will take a little longer to ship as they are built to order.

**It is STRONGLY encouraged and recommended that you add Accidental Damage Protection to your purchase. This protection will cover you for any physical damages that you may encounter as a result of a liquid spill or a drop.

Please note: You will be asked to create a Lenovo account in order to view and purchase any store items.

Lenovo Technology WebStore

We have partnered with Apple to offer SJU's discounts to all of the SJU community.

It is STRONGLY encouraged and recommended that you to purchase AppleCare Plus when purchasing a laptop. This will cover you in the event that you crack your screen or have an accidental liquid spill on the laptop. Please review your options with Apple within 30 days of making your purchase: AppleCare+

St. John's University eFollet Apple WebStore

Please note: You will be asked to create an account on eFollett BookStore in order to complete your purchase any store items.

    Programs and Colleges with Requirements

    The following colleges have a requirement for specific Operating Systems in order to be compatible with the software you will be required to use as part of your coursework. All other colleges do not have any special requirements.

    CPS - Computer ScienceCPS - Mass CommunicationsTobin - BusinessSJC - Liberal Arts and SciencesSJC - Fine ArtsCPHS - Nursing Program
     Windows OS     Mac OS Windows OS   Windows or Mac OS         Mac OSWindows or Mac OS


    * Please note that other devices such as iPads, ChromeBooks, Android-based tablets, or Linux-based devices, may not be compatible to fully complete the program coursework. There may be limitations in what software you may be able to use. It is strongly recommended to speak with a Dean of the specific college that your program is part of to confirm if your device is compatible.

    Minimum Hardware Specifications

    • i5 Processor or higher
    • 16GB of RAM   
    • 128Gb Hard Drive (Internal Storage)
    • Web Camera
    • Microphone 
    • Speakers

    Apple Computers

    Windows Computers

    • Microsoft Windows 10 or higher (Windows 7 is not compatible with some applications used by the University)
    • Microsoft Office 365 for Windows (Available as a free download via your SJU Microsoft Office 365 account)
    • Anti-Virus program

    It is important that it must meet both of the hardware and software minimum specifications. If it does not, you should update it with one that does in order to ensure that you will have the required computing power to complete your coursework.

    Attention Apple Users

    Apple users should also be aware that they may be required to use a Windows operating system in order to use specific Windows-based software, some required for work-related purposes, some for coursework-related purposes.

    In such cases, Apple users can partition their laptops for a Windows environment either through Boot Camp or install a Windows-based virtual machine environment, using software such as Parallels, VMfusion, or Hyper-V. Students with MacBook laptops who need to run Windows will also need a valid copy of the Windows 10 Operating System and any other programs that their classes may require.  This setup cannot be installed or Supported by the University.