Remote Teaching

Remote Teaching Tools

The list below includes University-supported technology tools that can be used if remote teaching is required. Should you need further assistance with any of the technologies, please contact Information Technology at (718) 990-5000, Monday - Friday 7:30 am to 7:30 pm. EST


Issues to Address

Possible Solutions

Establish a mode of communication you will use with your students in case of an emergency and ensure students all have access to and are aware of this communication method.


Make your syllabus available digitally.


Decide how you will distribute documents and readings during the disruption.


Designate a centralized online location where you can collect student submissions.


Think about how you would facilitate class discussions in the event of a disruption.


Consider capturing your lecture content for students to watch remotely.


Identify an option for holding class and/or office hours virtually in the event that several class meetings have to be cancelled.

Think about how you will handle evaluating student learning in an online space.

  • Excel Spreadsheets


Settle on an option for providing students with grades and feedback on their work in the event of an emergency.

What Hardware requirements are needed to use Panopto and WebEx?