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Career Success Starts Here: Maximizing Your College Career Services

Are you a current or future college student wondering what your future holds? Do you need more certainty about your career goals and how to achieve them? Look no further than your college career center. Despite common misconceptions, these centers offer a wealth of resources and support to help students succeed in their personal and academic pursuits.
In this blog, we explore the tools accessible to all students at a college career center, how to make the most of the services offered, and the unique career preparation opportunities available at St. John’s University.

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Future-Proof Your Career: The Top 10 Skills Employers are Looking for in 2024

In today's rapid job market, staying ahead is non-negotiable. Developing future-ready skills is crucial, particularly as the evolution and integration of artificial intelligence and other technological innovations is redefining the business world (and how we engage in it). Upskilling is no longer a “nice-to-have,” but instead a necessity, to enhance your employability and open doors to higher-paying or leadership-oriented roles.

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5 Tips to Prepare for Your Career Postgrad   

Graduating from college is an exciting and bittersweet moment. As you celebrate all the great friendships made and the hard work you put into earning a degree, it’s also time to start an entirely new life chapter. The transition from college to career can feel overwhelming; however, there are many great ways to prepare, even during the last few weeks leading up to graduation. In today’s blog post, we cover five tips to help you be successful as you prepare for your postgrad life.

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