Unlocking Career Success: Insights from St. John’s Career Services Adviser

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Discover how St. John’s University Career Services can assist you in achieving career success from Kenneth Emeghebo, Associate Director of Career and Internship Advising at St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. With over a decade of experience in training, development, and leadership consulting, Mr. Emeghebo brings a wealth of expertise to the St. John’s Career Services team.

About the Adviser                           

Mr. Emeghebo began his inspiring career as a Program Director and Instructional Coordinator in the Nassau County Youth Services Department. His passion for developing talent led him to take on several future roles, including Site Director at The Child Center of NY  and Educational Counselor and Adviser at the Federation Employment & Guidance Service.  

As the current Associate Director of Career and Internship Advising at St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Mr. Emeghebo continues to utilize his extensive experience to support students in achieving their career goals. His ability to understand industry needs, develop innovative programs, and provide comprehensive advisement underscores his dedication to empowering students and ensuring their career readiness. In addition to his role at the University, he has been working as a freelance Training and Development Specialist and Leadership Consultant for more than 18 years. 

In this informative Q&A, Mr. Emeghebo shares

  • his inspiring professional journey to St. John’s University.
  • a memorable student success story. 
  • simple, yet effective, advice for career success.
  • exciting things to come for St. John’s Career Services.

What inspired you to take on your career services role at St. John’s? 

What truly shaped my interest in helping others succeed was my 15-year tenure in youth services. Throughout my roles, I engaged in various impactful activities—from leadership programs to visiting juvenile justice centers—doing whatever it took to empower young people. 

This commitment stemmed from a belief instilled in me by my parents: to give back what I’ve been fortunate enough to receive. They taught me invaluable lessons and provided support, instilling a sense of responsibility to share my blessings with others.

Transitioning from youth services to higher education was prompted by a suggestion from someone familiar with my work. They pointed out that my skills could be well-utilized in career services. After diving into this field, I discovered a passion for helping students navigate their career paths. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of helping students navigate their career journey, and why? 

St. John's Career Service Adviser and Mentor with College Students

The most rewarding aspect of my work is witnessing the transformative journey of students as they navigate their career paths. When students return to me with stories of landing their dream job, securing internships, or confidently pursuing their desired careers, it fills me with immense joy. Knowing that I played a role in their success, no matter how small, is incredibly fulfilling. Each success story reaffirms my commitment to supporting students and fuels my passion for what I do.

Can you share a unique career path a student has asked for guidance on? 

I cover approximately 21 of the majors offered on our campus, and one of the most significant is psychology. It’s unpredictable when meeting with a psychology student. I encountered a psychology major applying to the doctoral program interested in neuroscience research. When discussing his ultimate career goal, I anticipated a focus on human behavior research. Instead, he desired a career in neuropathology—the study of animal behavior. This caught me off guard as I hadn’t encountered this specialization before.

In just three words, what’s your go-to career advice for students? 

Know your why. Understanding your motivations and passions is crucial for navigating your career path effectively. By identifying your purpose and aligning it with your career goals, you can make informed decisions and pursue opportunities that resonate with you.

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What is your biggest lesson from your career journey, and how has it impacted your current work? 

St. John's Career Services Adviser Kenneth Emeghebo and a St. john's graduate in cap and gown

Though I teach and educate students, I am also constantly learning. Everyone operates differently, each with a unique background and perception of success. 

Knowing this, I aim to avoid applying a generic, cookie-cutter approach to all my students. Instead, I invest time sitting down, listening, and understanding each student individually. This personalized approach enables me to make the most significant impact.

Share your favorite career services student success story. 

I once had a psychology major working in fundraising and DJing campus events. Despite skepticism from others about his ambition to pursue entertainment, he remained determined. Seeking my guidance, we embarked on a rebranding journey, highlighting his diverse talents and passion for DJing. 

Through perseverance and practice, he transformed his image and eventually landed a job in entertainment at Universal. He credited our encounter for reigniting his belief in himself. His story reminds me of the power of faith and perseverance.

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Are there any exciting things on the horizon for St. John's career services? 

St. John's University Students on a Career Trek

We constantly strive to enhance our services and offerings to serve our students better. From expanding our social media presence to organizing career treks and developing career communities, we’re committed to providing students with valuable resources and opportunities for growth. 

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of a podcast that will offer students insights, advice, and inspiration as they navigate their career journeys. These initiatives reflect our ongoing dedication to innovation and student success, and we look forward to supporting students in achieving their goals. 

Ready to Ignite Your Career?

Are you looking for guidance in your career journey? Don’t do it alone. St. John’s Career Services offers a wealth of resources and expertise to help you succeed. Whether you’re a current student or alumni, or considering joining our community, take advantage of our personalized guidance, innovative programs, and exciting opportunities tailored to your aspirations. Start your journey to career success today with St. John’s Career Services by your side. Connect with a passionate adviser like Mr. Emeghebo to unlock your full potential.

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