Q&A with Sara Hunt Munoz, Ed.D.

Sara Hunt Munoz, Ed.D.

Meet the Senior Director, Alumni Engagement, Office of Alumni Relations

Sara Hunt Munoz, Ed.D., joined St. John’s University’s Office of Alumni Relations in September 2023, succeeding longtime Director Mark Andrews, who is now Director of Development for St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Munoz, who earned her undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degrees from Fordham University, is the former Director of Strategic Initiatives at her alma mater who also served as Director of Alumni Relations at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in New York City.

She worked at Fordham for more than 15 years, beginning in an entry-level position and rising to the leadership ranks of its Office of Alumni Relations. Dr. Munoz has nearly 20 years of experience in nonprofit administration. In her position at St. John’s, she is responsible for maintaining and cultivating relationships with St. John’s 198,000+ alumni—whose spirit, she says, animates the University regardless of graduation year.

What attracted you to St. John’s University?

When I saw the position at St. John’s, I knew I had to apply. It’s a place where mission is just as important as academics, where students from all walks of life can thrive, and where alumni come together whether basketball is in season or not. I’m thrilled the hiring team saw that I would be a good fit.

What led you to your career field?

I majored in Communication and Media Studies and originally wanted to work in television and film. My first job out of college was at a movie production and distribution company. I was working in administration, which wasn’t that glamorous. It did, however, expose me to some corporate initiatives such as managing volunteers, writing grants, and organizing events. This experience prompted me to switch gears and enter the world of nonprofit events and fundraising.

What have you learned in prior positions that will help you in your role at st. John’s?

A thank-you goes a long way. Our volunteers work hard and it’s important to take time to recognize that. Our donors, too, choose to give their hard-earned money to us over other organizations, so we must find ways to celebrate and acknowledge this. Because I started in an entry-level position at Fordham and stayed so long, I had great-on-the-job training. I ran a regional program, launched an alumni association, planned events, and traveled with the president, etc., so I bring a wealth of experience with me on this new adventure.

What are your short- and long-term goals in your position?

I want to take it all in—see what’s working well and what needs some tweaks. I want to meet as many alumni as I can: hear their stories, find out what their needs are, and identify new ways to engage. I’d like to build our regional chapter program utilizing our alumni volunteers around the world. I would also like to be a part of the student experience, finding out what’s important to them, what resources the Office of Alumni Relations can offer, and how they’d like to be engaged after graduation.

How does the Vincentian charism inform your approach to your position at St. John’s?

As someone who was educated by the Jesuits and worked with them for some time, I understand and support a mission that involves service, shared humanity, and the union of hearts and minds. Similarly, I find a connection to the Vincentian charism of working to improve the lives of others. I’m at St. John’s for the students—to make sure they are set up for success, to instill in them a love of learning, and to make sure their time here is something they treasure long after they leave.

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What can current St. John’s students learn from the school’s alumni?

There’s so much our alumni can teach current students— everything from career advice to where to get a great slice of pizza. It’s important that we work hard to connect the alumni with the students so they can share experiences with each other. Our alumni can share valuable insights about their career journeys and life after St. John’s, and our students can keep St. John’s relevant and important to our alums.

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