Life After St. John’s: Alumnus Seeks to Make an Impact on the Television and Film World

Ganeesh Genus Headshot

Ganeesh E. Genus ’17CPS loves a good story.

In fact, it is his passion for storytelling and cameras that compelled him to switch his major from English to Television and Film on his first day as a student at St. John’s University. It turned out to be one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

After graduating, Ganeesh went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree (M.F.A.) in Media Arts Production at the City College of New York. Today, in addition to winning film festival awards and working on several productions, he has an excitingcarer at the production company Imagine Entertainment.

Ganeesh says one of his proudest achievements was completing his thesis project for his M.F.A. The film, Kids Don’t Ride Bikes Anymore, was screened at 18 festivals; it won three awards for Best Film, and landed Ganeesh his first Best Director award. He is also the first to win the audience award at a film festival held at The Luminal Theater, which is a theater showcasing Black talent.

One of Ganeesh’s biggest inspirations is the late writer and activist James Baldwin. He admires Mr. Baldwin’s ability to meticulously deliver a story—and hopes to do the same through his films.

Ganeesh seeks to make (HIS)tory and an impact on the television and film world, and wants to be the first Black director to win an Oscar. The advice he would give to his younger self and those beginning their college journey is to read as much as possible, be conscious of what you partake in creatively—and always seek to expand your horizons.

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