How to Stay Connected to St. Johns After Graduation

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By Toni Critelli

Graduating from college is a significant milestone, but it doesn’t mean your connection to alma mater must end. In this blog post, we cover six ways to stay connected —no matter where you are in the country or the world—to help you maintain a solid and meaningful relationship with the St. John’s community long after earning your diploma.

Why is staying connected to alma mater so important?

By staying connected to alma mater, you preserve cherished memories and friendships and unlock numerous professional opportunities. These include attending networking events, alumni reunions, and career fairs, which can help you establish new connections, explore job prospects, and receive guidance from experienced professionals in your industry. Moreover, staying involved with your college or university enables you to give back to the community crucial in shaping your education.

Untap the value as a St. John’s University alum.

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No matter when you graduate from St. John’s University, there is always time to start enjoying the advantages of being an alumnus. Here are six impactful ways to get involved today:

1. Network through an Alumni Group or Chapter.

Are you looking for an outlet to connect with professionals with similar backgrounds and experiences or to catch up with your classmates? Alumni groups and organizations are a great option to explore. By joining, you open the doors to new networking opportunities, professional development, and a chance to be a part of a supportive community.

2. Attend an alum event—no matter where you are!

Whether you live near the campus or across the globe, St. John’s offers a variety of in-person and virtual alumni events, webinars, networking sessions, and programs all year that can easily be accessed on the Alumni and Friends webpage.

Enjoy professional development webinars, social get-togethers, exercise series, and more.

3. Tap into the St. John’s professional network on LinkedIn.

With more than 172,000 St. John’s alums registered on LinkedIn, it’s easier than ever to start building new connections and reconnecting with previous classmates. These connections can provide valuable opportunities for mentorship, professional advice, and even job referrals, making it a robust network for career growth and development.

You can also use LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest news and events from St. John’s.

4. Give back to the St. John’s community.

Whether through mentoring,  volunteering, or donating, there are many rewarding ways to stay connected to alma mater while making a lasting difference in the lives of others.

No matter how you give back to the St. John’s community, you’ll strengthen the alumni bond and help create a positive and thriving environment for current students and future generations.

5. Support an alum-owned business.

As a recent graduate, one impactful way to get involved and support the St. John’s community is by supporting and promoting businesses owned by fellow alumni.

Whether spreading the word, sharing on social media, or making direct purchases, your support contributes to their growth and success, fostering unity and economic empowerment among St. John’s alums.

Find businesses owned by St. John’s alums nationwide in our Small Business Directory.

6. Inspire others with your St. John’s success story.

Whether through speaking engagements, alum news, or social media, your story can ignite ambition, foster connections, and create a sense of pride within the St. John’s community.

Motivate current students and fellow alumni to reach their goals and overcome obstacles by sharing your accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned as a St. John’s graduate.

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Stay connected with St. John’s! 

Whether you join alumni groups, attend events, tap into the professional network on LinkedIn, give back to the community, support fellow alumni-owned businesses, or inspire others with your success story, there are numerous avenues to stay involved and make a meaningful impact. So, don’t let your connection with St. John’s end at graduation—embrace the opportunities and continue to thrive as a part of the vibrant University community

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