Getting into a College Routine: Advice from a Junior

Getting into a college routine
By Madison Coombs

Whether you are just starting college or are already a year or two along your academic path, having a consistent routine can make the college years easier.

As a junior at St. John’s University, I learned a few tips that helped me establish a solid routine. These tips apply to any year of college, regardless of the level of study.

Tip #1 Stay organized and be prepared.

Staying organized and prepared is essential. Throughout my first year of college, I was not using a planner. I felt unorganized and occasionally forgot assignments. A planner displaying the entire month makes viewing all tasks and dates easier on one page.

Extra tip: Include all your classes with their time and building to keep track throughout the semester.

Tip #2 Create a meal plan.

A self serve salad bar

It can be challenging to determine when to eat, but if you schedule a time during the day, you can efficiently incorporate it into your college routine. As a student who has lived on campus for two years, I take advantage of on-campus dining options. I always bring a snack on busier days whenever I have a break.

St. John’s University offers many dining options for residential and commuting students. Specifically, on-campus dining options like Montgoris Dining Hall, Taco Bell, and Einstein Bagels can be great for students to include meals in their schedules.

Tip #3 Prioritize your well-being.

Implementing exercise or other activities that make you feel good is a great way to keep your body and mind in check. I enjoy going to the gym for a quick workout during the week or an outdoor walk with friends. Recently, I have been enjoying attending different exercise classes on campus. These classes make working out more enjoyable—especially when I am with my friends.

St. John’s University offers an on-campus fitness center for students during the week. The fitness center includes an array of workout equipment. In addition, the University offers workout classes including yoga, Pilates, Spin, and Zumba.

Tip # 4 Find a supportive campus community.

St. John's group of student supporting eachother

Being a member of a student organization or club on campus can benefit your college routine as you meet new people and have a community on campus that shares your interests.

I have been a part of the Red House fashion club on the St. John’s Queens, NY, campus since my first year. I have had incredible experiences and made many personal connections through this opportunity.

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Tip #5 Utilize your campus resources.

Taking advantage of your on-campus resources can help you settle into college life. Many universities offer resources like tutoring centers, mentorship programs, career services, on-campus jobs, etc.

As a current student, I have taken advantage of the Writing Center at St. John’s for help with assignments. There is nothing wrong with needing some extra assistance!

St. John’s also provides many other on-campus resources to its students. Use these resources during your college journey; people here want to assist you.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few valuable things I learned during my past two years as a student. Having a consistent routine during your college years can be helpful. I also recommend keeping organized by using a planner, having a solid meal plan, prioritizing your well-being, becoming active in one or more campus communities, and utilizing campus resources. College can be challenging, but these tips will help keep you on track.

St. John's University Student

Madison Coombs

Digital Content Writer

Madison Coombs is a third-year student studying Public Relations at St. John’s University. She is a Digital Content Writer through the work-study program. Originally from Gaithersburg, Maryland, she always had a dream of attending a university in New York. Madison is also the Public Relations Chair of RedHouse, the fashion club at St. John’s. Her ultimate goal is to secure a job in New York in the field of social media or public relations.