Entrepreneurship Development Success Story: Meet Albert Bateh

St. John's Entrepreneur Alum Wearing Professional Attire

Albert Bateh ’16TCB, a graduate of The Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University, is a noteworthy alumnus renowned for his inspiring journey in entrepreneurship development. Born into a family running a flourishing textile business for over a century, Mr. Bateh grew up with a strong interest in the field. During his senior year at the University, he launched his first venture, EZ-Net Hair Care, which began his successful entrepreneurial journey.

In this inspiring video Q&A, Mr. Bateh talks about 

  • his family business, Ramallah Trading Company, Inc. 
  • the creation of his invention EZ-Net. 
  • applying skills from previous jobs and endeavors to new ones. 
  • the St. John’s University Venture and Innovation Center (VIC) and how it will help the next generation of entrepreneurs. 
  • a final piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs. 


Read the written version of the video Q&A below. 

Can you tell us about your family business?

Male entrepreneur holding product in fabric store

My family owns Ramallah Trading Company, Inc., a 107-year-old textile company. We specialize in producing and manufacturing various goods, including sheets, comforters, curtain rods, towels, and other essential home items. We either purchase these items or manufacture them in China. The products are then sold to consumers, shipped directly from China by container, or imported to our domestic warehouse in New Jersey on the East Coast. From there, we distribute the items to the final consumers.

Additionally, our products are available through various online retailers. The business has been thriving for 107 years, and I am proud to be the fourth generation involved in the family business. We always look for new products to manufacture or improve for the benefit of our consumers. 

Can you tell me more about your company, EZ-Net? Additionally, what have you learned from this venture?

Three green hairbrushes with eznet product
Image credit: EZ Net Hair Care

EZ-Net Hair Care originated from a personal need. While brushing my hair, I realized the inconvenience of hair falling everywhere, especially my girlfriend’s. This inspired me to create a solution: the Easynet. It’s a simple product that you place over your brush, allowing easy hair removal after brushing. 

To bring this idea to life, I reached out to numerous factories in China until I found one willing to produce it. The product has been successful, and I’ve learned that any product can find its way to the market with determination, a viable idea, and effective marketing.

How have your entrepreneurial skills transferred to other endeavors?

Through various entrepreneurial experiences, including my family business and ventures like EZ-Net, I’ve gained valuable skills. St. John’s University significantly honed these skills, particularly in detailing business plans and translating ideas into tangible plans. These skills have been instrumental in my current endeavors, such as owning two crypto hedge funds. The ability to put ideas on paper, backed by actual data, has been crucial when I present to investors and navigate the complexities of the crypto space.

As a former St. John’s student, how would the Venture and Innovation Center have helped you develop as an entrepreneur?

Overhead shot of students sitting and walking through lobby

If the center had been available when I was a student, it would have given me a dedicated space to refine and develop ideas. Having a supportive community for brainstorming and bouncing off ideas is invaluable. The organized environment fosters creativity, and the diverse perspectives can challenge and enhance concepts. The VIC encourages collaboration and offers a hub for individuals with varied experiences to unite and shape innovative projects.

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What advice can you give future or current entrepreneurs looking to materialize their ideas?

The success of any business, whether product or service-oriented, lies in the execution. A well-run company results from good leadership, viable ideas, and strong profit margins. Marketing is crucial, and combining a great product with effective marketing is critical. Persistence is essential; rejection should serve as motivation rather than discouragement. Keep trying until you find the right opportunity. Surround yourself with those who believe in your vision, and don’t be afraid to seek out the one “yes” that can change everything. Remember, every rejection is a stepping stone toward success.

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