Advantages of an Online M.B.A.

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Choosing to pursue an M.B.A. is a great opportunity for career advancement, but it isn’t one to be made lightly. You may need additional flexibility that attending classes in person during the day won’t allow. As digital learning becomes more advanced, colleges and universities are offering online M.B.A. programs to help meet these needs while still providing an excellent education.

Benefits of Pursuing an M.B.A. Online

There are several benefits to pursuing an M.B.A. online versus in person, including


Online M.B.A. programs offer greater flexibility in terms of scheduling and location. You can typically access course materials and complete coursework from anywhere with an internet connection, and can often choose to study part-time or full-time based on your own schedule.


Online learning provides the same education and training without the necessity to travel to the campus, which can translate into many travel hours saved over the course of the program. The savings in travel provides the time opportunity for you to further concentrate your efforts toward study.


Online M.B.A. programs can often be less expensive than traditional in-person programs since they don’t require you to pay for on-campus housing, meals, or transportation. Additionally, many online programs offer scholarships and financial aid opportunities.


Online M.B.A. programs can make education more accessible to students who may not have the resources or ability to attend an in-person program. For example, students who live in rural areas or who have disabilities may find it easier to participate in online programs.


While in-person M.B.A. programs offer opportunities for face-to-face interaction, online programs also offer networking opportunities through virtual classrooms, online forums, and social media groups.

Self-paced learning

Online M.B.A. programs typically offer asynchronous learning so you don’t have to take a class at a specific time during the day. Balance learning with your other studies and responsibilities by not having a fixed schedule or class meeting time.

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Characteristics of a Great Online M.B.A. Student

While there are a number of benefits to pursuing an M.B.A. online, to be an effective student you must possess a number of characteristics to succeed:

Self-discipline and motivation

Online M.B.A. students must be self-motivated and have the discipline to complete coursework on schedule.

Strong time management skills

Online M.B.A. students must be skilled at managing their time and balancing their academic responsibilities with other obligations, such as work, family, and social commitments.

Excellent communication skills

Since online M.B.A. programs require you to interact with instructors and peers primarily through written communication, online M.B.A. students must be able to express themselves clearly and concisely in writing.

Technical proficiency

Online M.B.A. students should have basic computer skills and be comfortable using online learning platforms, email, and other digital tools.

Collaborative skills

Online M.B.A. programs often require group work and collaboration, so effective online M.B.A. students should be able to work well with others and contribute to group projects even through a purely digital setting.

Pursue an Online M.B.A from St. John’s

At St. John’s University, The Peter J. Tobin College of Business offers a highly ranked online M.B.A. program with multiple concentrations. You can choose asynchronous online classes and synchronous online classes that start in the evenings on weekdays. Both utilize a state-of-the-art learning support system that allows you continuous access to course materials and assignments.

For even more flexibility, you can choose to complete a portion of your program on campus. No matter whether you complete your M.B.A. online or in person, the M.B.A. awarded is identical. There is never any notation on your transcript or diploma distinguishing your M.B.A. was completed online. 

Learn more about what makes St. John’s University’s online M.B.A. program unique.