Instructional Support

The law library team strives to partner with the law school faculty to support the delivery of truly excellent legal education.  Reference librarians are available to work with faculty to identify and access useful and appropriate classroom resources.  Librarians are also available to deliver in-class research instruction or to schedule appointments with students as directed by faculty. 

Acquiring Resources to Support Classroom Instruction

The library team can assist you in accessing material for classroom instruction that is not held by any of the St. John's University libraries.  Depending on the cost and availability of the resource required, we may either borrow the material from another library or purchase for the Rittenberg Law Library collection.  To request material that is not currently available in one of the St. John's University libraries, please contact the law library reference team at [email protected]

In-class Research Instruction

Reference librarians can work with faculty to create in-class research instruction tailored to a specific topic or project.  These kinds of sessions can be particularly useful for seminar courses requiring scholarly writing, but can also demonstrate the use of transactional or litigation materials in specific practices.  We will be happy to tailor the content and duration of instruction to your needs, but request at least 5 business days advance notice so that we can adequate prepare. For assistance, please contact us at [email protected].

Individual or Small Group Research Meetings

Reference librarians can also work with faculty to schedule individual or small-group meetings to provide students with guidance for conducting research.  These kinds of sessions can be particularly useful for seminar courses requiring scholarly writing and are most often requested as students are beginning their research.  We request at least 5 days advance notice if you plan to have your students set up individual or small group meetings with a librarian.  For assistance, please contact us at SJULaw[email protected].

Library Tours

The library team is always happy to provide tours of our facility and an overview of our services.  We are also happy to schedule some time and identify an appropriate space if faculty members wish to give their own tour of the library to a class or visitors. We request notice at least 5 days in advance where possible. We ask that tours not be scheduled during final exams or during the week prior to the bar exam.  For assistance, please contact us at [email protected].


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