Olivia Salamone headshot

Olivia Salamone

Olivia Salamone is from Plymouth, MA, and chose St. John’s because most of her family is from the Queens area and she has dreamed of moving to the city. She also wanted to come to New York for the freedom it offered in the arts and how many opportunities could come from the city as well as networking at St. John’s.

Through St. John’s, Olivia has developed long-lasting relationships with the English department and organizations on campus. If she wasn’t working at the University Library, Olivia was participating in Midnight Runs or reading novels. She has recently joined Feminists Unite, Project Sunshine, Earth Club, and was just accepted into the English Honors Society. Olivia is outgoing and excited for any opportunity that comes her way.

Olivia is an English major at St. John’s with a minor in Italian and, hopefully, Theatre. She is very passionate about the arts and creativity. She is hoping to get an internship in the fall working at a theater or NBC, and once possible again, hopes to start acting in the city.

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