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Maria Keddis

Maria Keddis is from Vancouver, Canada and will be graduating in 2023 from The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication arts and a minor in Psychology.

Maria chose to go to St. John’s because she wanted to have the city experience in combination with the campus experience that provides the strong sense of community, and access to the opportunities New York City provides. She is involved in many aspects of the University which has taught her a tremendous amount of valuable information in the past year she has attended St. John’s. The University has allowed her to practice what she is most passionate about everyday by providing numerous in-class and hands-on experience opportunities through class options, clubs and organizations, and employment opportunities.

Because of how much St. John’s has provided for Maria, her goal for the rest of her time at the University is to give back to the university because in doing so she is not only helping the University but other students for generations to come. 

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