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Transfer Student Scholarships

Transfer Distinction Award

New transfer students who meet our transfer admission criteria and have earned, or are scheduled to earn, an Associate Degree prior to enrolling at St. John’s, are eligible for the University’s Transfer Distinction Award. The Transfer Distinction Award for the 2018-2019 academic year is valued at $15,000 on the Staten Island campus and $17,000 on the Queens campus. The award is renewable for up to three years of continuous, full-time undergraduate enrollment for students who remain in good academic standing. Please note that this award is intended for new transfer students only and may not be combined with a University Transfer Merit Scholarship.

University Transfer Merit Scholarships

Not only do we offer up to $19,000 in academic scholarships for qualified students, we offer a friendly and supportive environment. Transfer students must have earned a minimum of 12 credits from an accredited institution of higher learning and must have an average GPA of over 2.0. Eligibility is determined based on the overall strength of the academic pool.

GPA - Scholarship Awards for 2018-19 Academic Year

Queens Campus

    GPA of 2.0-2.49 $5,000
    GPA of 2.5-2.99 $12,000
    GPA of 3.0-3.39 $16,000
    GPA of 3.4-4.00 $17,000

Staten Island Campus

    GPA of 2.0-2.49 $3,000
    GPA of 2.5-2.99 $7,000
    GPA of 3.0-3.39 $10,000
    GPA of 3.4-4.00 $15,000

The scholarships may be renewed for up to three years if the student maintains a minimum 3.0 GPA while enrolled at St. John’s University.

Phi Theta Kappa

St. John’s University offers an additional $2,000 academic scholarship* to transfer students who are active participants in Phi Theta Kappa. They must show proof of membership prior to the decision in order to be awarded this scholarship.

"The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence."

Eligible Members Must:

  • maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA at St. John's University
  • be enrolled in a regionally accredited institution offering an associate degree program
  • have completed at least 12 hours of coursework that may be applied to an associate degree (part-time students may be eligible)
  • receive an invitation to membership from the chapter at the college where presently enrolled

To inquire about hosting induction ceremonies or to get more information on the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship, contact the Transfer Admission office at [email protected].

*The St. John's Phi Theta Kappa scholarship is considered an academic scholarship.

Stay on Long Island Initiative

St. John’s University is partnering with Suffolk County Community College in New York for the Stay on Long Island Initiative. We will be offering three scholarships to graduates of Suffolk Community College. One student will receive a full tuition scholarship and two students will be awarded a $20,000 academic and leadership scholarship. For questions please contact the SoLII staff at 631-851-6847 or [email protected].

Transfer Scholarship Requirements

Applicants are notified of any academic scholarships in their acceptance letter. To maintain an academic scholarship, recipients need to enroll in and complete a minimum of 12 credits per semester at St. John’s with a cumulative grade point average of at least a 3.0. Academic scholarships are not applicable to intersession, winter session, post-session or summer sessions. Transfer student scholarships are for two or three years of continuous undergraduate study.
The University reserves the right to adjust any University grant or scholarship due to receipt of non-University aid. In addition, the combination of external grants and scholarships (funded by state, federal and/or private sources) along with financial assistance from St. John’s may not exceed the cost of full tuition. The scholarship programs are subject to the policies and practices of the University’s Office of Student Financial Services and various regulatory agencies.

Please look into all of the financial assistance available at St. John's through our financial aid services.

Contact Information

Queens Campus
Tel: 718-990-3372
Fax: 718-990-2096

Staten Island Campus
[email protected]
Tel 718-390-4500