Summer Study Abroad in NYC (Credit and Non-Credit)

Summer Study Abroad in New York City at St. John’s University is a multi-faceted, full-service program that balances traditional academic classroom experiences with less conventional learning outside of the classroom, through interactions with student guides.  These guides introduce participants to some of the many historical and cultural sites and events available in New York City, providing opportunities for cultural exchange and language practice.

For more information about being a visiting student at St. John’s, contact Christian Andrade at [email protected]

Global Pharmaceutical Sciences Workshop

During this structured 10-day program at St. John’s University, faculty from the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences introduce international pharmacy students to the profession of pharmacy and the role of the pharmacist in patient care in the US healthcare system; provide an overview of the US healthcare laws and policies governing the supply and use of medicines; and discuss the fundamental principles of pharmaceutical sciences as they relate to applied therapeutics and clinical practice. Students receive a certificate at the completion of the workshop. 

For more information about the workshop, contact Christian Andrade at [email protected]