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St. John’s School of Education offers students the opportunity to gain professional experience in their chosen field of study through internships.

Teaching Fellows Program

An internship in early childhood, childhood, or adolescent majors is available for students who are teaching at a full-time capacity within the discipline in which they are seeking certification. Internships may be taken in place of student teaching under the discretion of the Director of Alternative Teacher Certification. All students in an internship will be paired with a university consultant for observation. 

In order to apply for an internship certificate they must have completed at least 50% of their master’s degree, have no deficiencies towards their Initial certification. In addition, they must be fingerprinted, be trained in School Violence, Child Abuse and DASA. The applicant must have a teaching position to complete their edTPA portfolio submission. While serving the internship they must pass the EAS, ALST and CST in their area of concentration.

Educational Administration

An internship in School Building and/or School District Leadership is required for the completion of the following degrees: Master in School Building Leadership, the Advanced Certificate in School Building Leadership, the Advanced Certificate in School District Leadership, and the Dual Advanced Certificate in School Building/School District Leadership.

A minimum of 540 hours is required for the completion of each related internship. These hours are divided in the following manner:

  • Part I:  The first 270 hours will be embedded into the degree coursework. This instructional model will enable the student to go from theory to practice.
  • Part II:  The remaining 270 hours will be completed in EDU5950 or EDU5951 (depending on the degree desired).

In order to register for Part II of the internship, the student must have completed at least 18 core credits in his/her degree program and meet with the Director of the Graduate Internship Program to discuss any issues relative to a specific internship. The student is then given an internship booklet with guidelines and suggested activities for the student's internship.