Helping Others Serves as Impetus for Law Enforcement Career

John Pohopin 960x640

Long before he set foot on St. John’s University’s Queens, NY, campus as a freshman, John Pohopin was determined to pursue a career in law enforcement. Now, as the senior prepares for life after college, his dream is closer to becoming reality.

“I want to become a federal agent,” said John, a Homeland Security major in the College of Professional Studies. “I chose St. John’s because their program provides all the tools I need to succeed in the field.”

John, a native of Princeton, NJ, was witness to domestic violence as a child, an experience that inspired him to select this career path. “As a child, I always wanted to know why certain things happened to me and my mom,” he said. “In law enforcement, I can help prevent what I experienced growing up from happening to others.”

Location was another factor in John’s decision to attend the University. “St. John’s is far enough from home that I can be independent, but close enough that I can go back when I want,” he said. “Plus, as someone who is interested in law enforcement, being in the New York metropolitan area is a tremendous asset, since all the major agencies have offices here.”

In the classroom, John appreciates the student diversity. “When you bring people from many parts of the world together, you get to see issues through their eyes,” he said. “It gives you a fresh perspective, and you can better understand life.”

John can also be found on campus inside the University’s fitness center, where he works as a personal trainer. There, he offers motivation and helps students, faculty, administrators, and staff develop customized fitness regimens. “It’s a great opportunity to interact with people outside of their usual roles,” he said. John has also served as a Student Ambassador and is a member of the Homeland Security Student Association.

Balancing his time between the classroom, campus activities, and his home has helped John strengthen his organizational and time management skills. “I understand what I need to do to reach my goals, and I feel ready to overcome any challenge.”