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Laptop Support Center

St. John's University Laptop Support Center

St. John’s University provides onsite support to those students who have chosen to opt into the Academic Computing Initiative during Spring 2020 and prior, as well as to the employees and faculty who have been issued a University laptop.  There are two locations in which support can be found, on the Queens campus, and Staten Island campus.

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The Laptop Support Center services all SJU-Issued laptop on an appointment-only basis.

* Due to the COVID-19 Health Crisis, our Laptop Support Centers will require physical distancing rules to be enforced and masks to be worn during your appointment. Please be on time for your appointment. All that are 10 minutes or more late for an appointment will be cancelled.

To make your appointment:

1. Please login to MySJU.

2. Find the "Request Service / Training Appointment" button on the left side of the Spotlight page:


3. Select your role of Student or Employee / Faculty member.

4. At the end you will be required to submit your contact information. This MUST include your SJU-issued email address.                                                       

Helpful Links

For additional information on the Academic Computing Initiative policies, please visit: www.stjohns.edu/computerpolicy.

For Questions about the Academic Computing Initiative Policy, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you need assistance logging in to some of the sites, please see below:

Signon.stjohns.edu - Single Sign-On system (PDF)  - This login information is your credentials for Email, Blackboard, Canvas, On-Campus Printing, On-Campus WiFi, Logging in to a campus computer in a classroom or computer lab, Online Libraries, etc




For instructions on how to upload data to GoogleDrive:


Academic Computing Initiative Help - SJU Connect App

If you have a laptop as part of the Academic Computing Initiative, please see all of our documentation to help you with your laptop.  For your convenience, they are available for your phone in the St. John’s University Connect app by Involvio located in the Google Play Store for Android phones, as well as the iOS Apple App Store for the iPhone.  

Google Play SJU App

Login to the St. John’s Connect App. Follow these steps:

  1. Login with your MySJU credentials.
  2. Tap the CAMPUS icon at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Under “Resources”, tap on TECH STUFF.