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Post Graduate Service

In order to promote a culture of service after graduation, it is important to expose the students to alternative possibilities.  We provide opportunities for the students to experience post graduate service organizations to explore the possibility to do a year of service post graduation. As part of our Vincentian tradition to serve others with special emphasis on those living in poverty. The first step in encouraging a student to consider post graduate service is to alert them of the existence of the possibility. Outreach occurs throughout the year by engaging students in conversation, connecting with other departments and faculty, and by distributing directories and literature on volunteer programs. We encourage students to strongly consider using their service experience that they gained at St. John’s as merely a building block on which to create a lifetime of service. 

Campus Ministry hosts post graduate information tables and offers discernment groups throughout the year as an opportunity for students to be exposed to a variety of possibilities for service after graduation.

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If you have any questions, or are interested in talking more about Post Graduate Service, please contact Campus Ministry @ 718-990-6255.