The Inclusivity Resource Center

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The Inclusivity Resource Center (IRC), under the Office of Multicultural Affairs, is a center that provides a safe, inclusive, and affirming space for students and guests.

The Inclusivity Resource Center (IRC) was created to provide students with resources to assist in authentic and informed peer dialogue on topics of equity and inclusion. The IRC will provide social justice training for students, host equity and inclusion themed workshops, and through a collaboration with the Center for Counseling and Consultation, offer the services of a mental health counselor for both individual counseling and group programming. The Office of Multicultural Affairs’ student programming opportunities will also operate out of the IRC.  

The IRC offers the following programs, services, and amenities:

  • Project AIM
  • Diversity Peer Education Program (DPE)
  • Common Ground Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) 
  • Affinity Groups
  • Cultural/Heritage Month Events
  • Consultation and Counseling Resources
  • Lounge & Study Space
  • Gender Neutral Resources
  • Large Community Room
  • Small Multi-Purpose Room

IRC Staff

Monique Jernigan
Executive Director, Office for Multicultural Affairs and Director of the Inclusivity Resource Center

Elizabeth Ponce de Leon
Department Assistant, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Additional Information

Dr. Janine O’Brien, clinical psychologist, will be available for 20-minute drop-in visits in the IRC beginning November 6, 2018, and every Tuesday the university is open, thereafter.  For more information on Dr. O’Brien, the Counseling Center, or counseling resources, please visit their website.

All university students and guests are welcomed in the IRC!  Students interested in reserving the IRC Community Meeting Room should follow these three-easy steps:

  1. Login to Blackboard to review the IRC Pre-Training PowerPoint
  2. Then, take the IRC Pre-Training Quiz
  3. Once you have passed the Quiz, visit the “content” section to see a newly visible link under “Step 3”, which gives you access to the IRC Bookings page.

Please visit our Blackboard page at to begin this 3-step process.

What's the history of the IRC?

As a Catholic and Vincentian university, St. John’s is committed to institutionalizing practices of inclusive excellence to ensure that we welcome and celebrate the intrinsic worth of all members of our community.

The Inclusivity Resource Center (IRC) was created to foster a more inclusive campus environment and to provide students with resources to assist in authentic and informed peer dialogue on topics of equity and inclusion.

What programs occur in the IRC's community room?

Students interested in reserving the community meeting space must host programs, meetings, or events that: a) support and address the needs of historically minoritized populations and b) have missions that are consistent with that of the University.

Why do I have to complete the Pre-Training PowerPoint?

This training will allow students to explore introductory social justice concepts and will help increase their understanding of the programs and resources available in the center. 

Are there limits to how often I can reserve the community room?

Yes. In order to offer the space to as many students and groups as possible, we are testing out limitations. We also want to ensure that other leaders of your group are aware of social justice concepts and that they fully understand the purpose of the IRC. Therefore, an individual student may only reserve the space for no more than 3 times per academic year.  To increase your group’s usage opportunities, other members of your group are encouraged to take the quiz, following the above three easy steps in order to extend your group’s access to room reservations.  No one group, regardless of which member does the reservation, can reserve the space more 12 times per academic year.

Can we bring food in this space?

Yes. Students are permitted to have food in the IRC Community Meeting Space and common space.  Guests are asked to clean up behind themselves.  All individuals and groups reserving the IRC Community Meeting Room will be expected to clean and reset the room to its original layout. 

Having trouble accessing the room reservations page?

If you are having trouble accessing the IRC Reservations page, visit and view the announcements.  If you are still having trouble, please contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs Department Assistant, Elizabeth Ponce de Leon at [email protected]