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University Writing Center

What We Do

Our mission at the University Writing Center is to collaborate with writers across disciplines, levels of experience, and backgrounds at St. John’s. We consider it our role to foster the diversity of writers and writing practices represented within our University community. Our philosophy is guided by a commitment to social justice and to the cultivation of equitable learning environments for people of all linguistic, racial, cultural, and gender identities. We work with all writers to develop and strengthen their critical thinking, rhetorical awareness, written expression, and writing processes.


Vincentian Center for Church and Society

What We Do

The Vincentian Center for Church and Society (VCCS) at St. John’s University has deep roots in the Catholic Church…While many of the Center’s activities link the University to local communities and the Church of Metropolitan New York, its reach extends to numerous national and international projects.


    Women in Science Scholarship Program

    What We Do

    The Women in Science (WIS) Scholarship Program encourages women to undertake collegiate studies in the sciences and technology—areas in which they are historically underrepresented. St. John’s University established scholarship programs...

      Writing Across Communities

      What We Do

      Writing Across Communities at St. John’s University encourages and supports faculty and students who strive to use writing to sustain diverse academic, cultural, civic, and professional communities across and beyond the university.