Mission of the Fashion Institute

The Mission of the institute is defined by St. John’s University’s Global, Catholic, and Vincentian foundations. The institute will examine the role of fashion in peoples’ lives throughout the world, and it will support the study and research aimed at making the fashion industry more responsible to consumers, employees, and to the global environment.  The goals of the Institute are to provide ethical oversight, scholarly study, and supportive involvement for both the internal and external environments of the industry as a whole.

There is a need to review and assess the state of the industry from the perspective of social justice. Subjects such as fair trade, labor trafficking, sweatshops, and fair labor practices, are part of the focus of the institute. Also design and brand ownership, brand hijacking and global difference in regulations of the fashion industry across its value chain will be explored.

St. John’s University and The Collins College of Professional Studies are in a prime position to review the subject of fashion through the lens of global communication and media, sports, social justice, crime, and economics. The institute exists to support students throughout the University who are interested in research and education in preparation for fashion careers.

Definition of Fashion

As an institute and as a course of study we define fashion as the products and services that comprise a Fashion Lifestyle within a geographic region as a given point of time. Thus the definition is ever shifting as are the products that make-up the industry change with the lifestyle and geographic region. Taking into consideration new technologies, speed of communication, and the global marketplace, the paradigm that we use to define and assess this evolving subject is and continues to be developmental. Thus, there is a need to review and assess many aspects (commercial, ethical, environmental, legal, societal, and technological impacts) of the fashion industry.

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A. Andrea Licari , D.P.S.
[email protected]
Institute of Fashion Studies Center
College of professional Studies
St. Augustine Hall. Room #43
Queens, NY 11439

Additional Information

January 2021

Texworld New York City 2021, Jan 12-14

  • This event is free to students and faculty. It is the place where you learn about the new textiles that will be introduced in the future season for Fashion and Home. This conference is twice a year (January and July), held normally at the Javits Center but now due to the pandemic it is held virtually.  There are educational showcases and product information sessions. In the past Dr. Licari would meet her students there and introduce them to the Fashion Industry, but now you can walk the halls virtually!

Click here to learn more and to register!

November 2020

Click here for The Museum at FIT's calendar of Events

October 2020

Bi-annual LA Textile and Fashiondex SUSTAINABLE FASHION FORUM

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 • 10:00am-11:00am
Thursday, October 8, 2020 • 10:00am-11:00am
Friday, October 9, 2020 • 10:00am-11:00am

Click here to learn more!

Building a Perpetual Customer Loyalty Strategy

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Click here to learn more and to register!

The Fashion Institute offers a Fashion Studies, Bachelors of Science and minor at both the Queens and Staten Island Campuses, and supports activities of the two student clubs devoted to fashion, the Red House, and Club Couture.  Both organizations host events throughout the year for students and guests that examine various fashion industry practices that are linked to NYC Fashion Week(s) and social aspects of campus life. The Fashion Institute takes a broad approach in its efforts.  It is surrounded at St. John’s by some of the best career oriented programs and internships in the New York City area.  This enables curricula linkages not possible at other schools and universities. There are a number of career fairs and career events that focus on fashion hosted by the University.

Past Activities

July 16-18 TEXWORD : Textile conference, St. John’s Location at New York City Fair Trade Coalition Table.

July 31st Fashion and Tech. Lecture. Manhattan Campus 6-8:30.

Aug. 28th Fashion and Tech. Lecture. Manhattan Campus 6-8:30.

Sept. 13th Club Fairs Look for Fashion Club, RED HOUSE on Great Lawn (Queens) 

Sept. 27th Fashion and Tech. Lecture Manhattan Campus 6-8:30.

Oct 27th Fashion Institute Museum and Fashion Institute of Technology Visit

Almerinda Forte, Ph.D.

Susan Glanz, Ph.D.

Dr. Andrea Licari, D.P.S.

Nicole Musseden, MBA

Catherine Ruggieri, J.D.

Professor Richard Bigger

Professor Davis Colby

The Fashion Institute serves as a hub at St. John’s campuses for fashion study course offerings and for student advisement for the fashion study area.

The institute will contributes towards the Fair Trade Programs already established at the University. St. John’s University is considered a Fair Trade Campus and a Fair Trade sponsor at the National Fair Trade Conference.

The institute collaborates with Acdemic Service learning (ASL), in programs that will also enable students to perform service learning with fair trade and other fashion-related organizations.

The research of the institute will support the goal to help improve the current state of fashion business practices, and actively engage with the industry in New York City for the improvement and dignity and humanity and promote social justice for all persons in the greater community.

There are plans for the institute to host expert speakers drawn from the fashion industries of the United States and from other countries for meetings with students and faculty. Our global campus network is an important focus of widening the perspective of our students on important global opportunities and issues.

There will be opportunities for internships and global travel for interested students, initiate linkages with interested fashion schools not located in New York City with the aim of sharing resources and building articulated or dual programs.

The institute will provide important visibility and promotion for the research the College’s faculty are doing in fashion business studies. 

There will be occasion to recognize distinguished ethical leaders in the fashion industry and identify best practices.

Click here to view research done by one of our fashion studies students!