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St. John's Career Services Adviser Speaking to a College Student

Career Success Starts Here: Maximizing Your College Career Services

Are you a current or future college student wondering what your future holds? Do you need more certainty about your career goals and how to achieve them? Look no further than your college career center. Despite common misconceptions, these centers offer a wealth of resources and support to help students succeed in their personal and academic pursuits.
In this blog, we explore the tools accessible to all students at a college career center, how to make the most of the services offered, and the unique career preparation opportunities available at St. John’s University.

Two students in professional attire for a career fair event

Future-Proof Your Career: The Top 10 Skills Employers are Looking for in 2024

In today's rapid job market, staying ahead is non-negotiable. Developing future-ready skills is crucial, particularly as the evolution and integration of artificial intelligence and other technological innovations is redefining the business world (and how we engage in it). Upskilling is no longer a “nice-to-have,” but instead a necessity, to enhance your employability and open doors to higher-paying or leadership-oriented roles.

A college student in a cap and gown celebrating her definition of success

How Do You Define Success?

If you were to search for the term “success” on the internet, you would find millions of results, each presenting a different interpretation. For some, it means achieving a small goal or victory for the day. Others may view it positively impacting society, earning a college degree, or amassing wealth. So, how do you define success?

Group of St. john's Graduate students

Eight Soft Skills to Enhance Your Graduate Résumé

Employers consider more than just academic qualifications in the current competitive job market. They prefer to hire recent graduate candidates who exhibit strong soft skills, such as effective communication, teamwork, and adaptability.
This blog post helps you better understand what soft skills are and which ones are important for you to focus on. By comprehending the significance of soft skills, you can become an asset to any company and improve your career prospects.

Young female professional
Toni Critelli
Group of marketing interns at St. John's University

Marketing Internships: How They Can Benefit Your Career

Are you passionate about marketing and eager to land your dream job? A marketing internship is the perfect way to launch your career and gain the experience and skills employers seek. This blog post explores the benefits of marketing internships and how to choose the right one for your career goals.

Young female professional
Toni Critelli
Young marketing interns working on projects

The Importance of Internships (and How They Boost Your Career Prospects)

The job market has gotten more competitive - particularly for white collar professionals - so having something that makes you stand apart from the pile of rèsumès on a hiring director’s desk makes all the difference. In fact, it may be the deciding factor of what will land you the job.

Students at outdoor basketball courts next to Residence buildings

Must-Know St. John’s Resources for First-Year Students

No one should have to navigate their college journey alone. Luckily, St. John’s University offers abundant campus resources to assist all students. In this blog, we share a few campus resources that can help you achieve success and guide you throughout your college journey.

St. John's University Student
Madison Coombs
St. John's Alum and Risk Consultant

How to Get Started in Risk Management as a College Student

If you are a college student aspiring to pursue a career in risk management, then you are on the right track. This field is constantly growing and has a bright future ahead of it. It offers a plethora of fascinating career paths, including risk consulting.

Working progressional in risk management career

Is a Risk Management Career Right for You?

Do you have a passion for math, statistics, and finance? Are you someone who enjoys solving problems and thinking critically? If your answer is yes, then a career in risk management might be the perfect path for you.

In this blog post, we provide you with a thorough understanding of risk management, covering essential topics such as career options, required skills, and educational qualifications. By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of whether a career in risk management is the right fit for your goals.