Level Up Your College Learning: the Benefits of Peer Tutoring

Student benefitting from peer tutoring in college
By Madison Coombs

Are you planning to attend college soon? If so, you don’t have to face it alone! Collaborating with a peer tutor can significantly improve your academic success. In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of peer tutoring, such as better grades, deeper understanding of the subject, improved confidence, and enhanced study skills.

What is peer tutoring? 

Peer tutoring refers to a method of academic assistance in which students provide tutoring services to their peers who require help in a particular subject or course. Depending on the student’s specific requirements, this assistance can be in the form of one-on-one or small group sessions. Typically, the peer tutor is a high-performing student who demonstrates proficiency in the subject matter and can teach and guide other students. 

Five Benefits of Having a Peer Tutor

1.)   It gives you a more solid understanding of the subject.

Peer tutoring is a great way to receive assistance in areas where you struggle. This resource is easily accessible to all students within most colleges or universities. Peer tutoring offers coverage across various subjects, making it an excellent option even if you need help in multiple areas. The best part is that you can receive as much help as you need.

2.)   It is cost-effective.

College can be expensive, and the last thing a student needs is an additional expense. Therefore, instead of searching for other expensive tutoring options, you should consider utilizing the free tutoring services offered on campus. 

3.)   It offers flexible support.

College life is often busy and unpredictable, which can make it difficult to schedule tutoring sessions. Fortunately, peer tutors are students just like you and they offer flexible tutoring options to accommodate any schedule. Look at the available times your peer tutors offer and choose the one that works best for you.

4.)   It strengthens your time management skills.

If you find completing assignments and managing your study schedule challenging, peer tutoring can be an excellent solution. With peer tutoring, you get the guidance and support you need to stay on track with your academic goals. When you work with a peer tutor, you have a dedicated mentor who can help you with your coursework, explain complex concepts, and provide feedback. Your tutor also keeps you accountable and reminds you to stay focused and complete your assignments on time.  

5.)   It gives you the opportunity to make new connections.

Peer tutoring is a great way to get academic help while meeting new people. Peer tutors are typically fellow students at your college or university, so you have the opportunity to make new friends. Even if you’re in a small group tutoring session, you can still get to know the students and collaborate with them in the future. 

Final Thoughts 

Peer tutoring is a valuable resource that offers many benefits to students. By participating in peer tutoring, you establish new relationships with fellow students who can help you better understand your coursework. This approach also helps you develop new skills and gain insights into your subject matter. With the help of your peers, you can achieve academic success and reach your full potential.

Reach Your Goals at St. John’s University.  

At St. John’s University, you can benefit from the University Learning Commons (ULC), which provides additional academic support. The ULC offers a range of services, including in-person and online tutoring sessions conducted by experienced upperclass students who possess a high level of knowledge in the courses they tutor. 

Additionally, the ULC assists students with study skills and time management and provides quiet study areas for those who need a peaceful environment to focus on their work. It is an excellent resource for students who want to enhance their academic performance and achieve their goals.

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