Must-Know St. John’s Resources for First-Year Students

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By Madison Coombs

No one should have to navigate their college journey alone. Luckily, St. John’s University offers abundant campus resources to assist all students. In this blog, we share a few campus resources that can help you achieve success and guide you throughout your college journey.

1. Center for Counseling and Consultation

Starting college is an exciting and challenging time. However, as you embark on this journey, it is comforting to know that the St. John’s Center for Counseling and Consultation (CCC) is available to support you through any obstacles that may arise.

The CCC offers free and confidential guidance and resources to help you navigate the challenges you may face during your academic journey. These challenges may include stress, anxiety, social or family issues, grief, or trauma. All sessions are held remotely and are available to all students across New York City and global campus locations.

2. Career Services

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As a student, thinking about your future after graduation can be overwhelming. Fortunately, St. John’s University Career Services provides its students access to knowledgeable career advisers ready to offer guidance and support.

Advisors can assist students with tasks such as

• securing an internship

• choosing a major

• creating a résumé

• preparing for an interview

And so much more—name what you need, and they’ll be able to help.

Additionally, Career Service hosts internship and career fairs, which attract employers who offer advice and full- or part-time positions and internships. The advice and resources provided by career services can be applied both within and outside of school, equipping students with valuable tools for success beyond graduation. 

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3. The University Writing Center

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When you need assistance completing a writing assignment, visit the University Writing Center.

Undergraduate and graduate students of all different majors are here to assist you with specific needs throughout the writing process. You and your consultant can plan, draft, revise, and edit your work together. Currently, the writing center offers in-person, online, and e-tutoring appointments for all students. However, you can always stop by the center for homework or study.

4. R.I.S.E. Network

St. John's Students at RISE reception

Navigating the first year of college is never easy; that’s where the R.I.S.E. Network comes in handy!

R.I.S.E. (an acronym for reach, inspire, succeed, and empower) provides guidance and mentorship, focusing on first-year students who may need extra assistance adjusting to college. R.I.S.E. mentors can assist with homework, research papers, academic skills, career goals, and résumés. Students can eventually become R.I.S.E. mentors for other incoming students.

5. Student Health Services

College life can be a whirlwind of new experiences, late-night study sessions, and unforgettable moments—but it can also come with its fair share of health-related questions and concerns.

At the University Health Center, you have access to high-quality health care that is free and confidential, regardless of your insurance status. While the center focuses on treating minor illnesses or injuries, it can also provide additional healthcare resources. 

Final Thoughts 

As you embark on this new chapter of your life, we encourage you to take full advantage of these valuable campus resources. Whether you seek counseling support, help planning your career path or perfecting your writing skills, guidance during your first year, or assistance with prioritizing your health, St. John’s University is here for you every step of the way. Your success matters to us; we can’t wait to see you thrive. So, reach out, explore, and maximize these resources. They are here to help you succeed.

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Madison Coombs

Digital Content Writer

Madison Coombs is a third-year student studying Public Relations at St. John’s University. She is a Digital Content Writer through the work-study program. Originally from Gaithersburg, Maryland, she always had a dream of attending a university in New York. Madison is also the Public Relations Chair of RedHouse, the fashion club at St. John’s. Her ultimate goal is to secure a job in New York in the field of social media or public relations.