LinkedIn Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Profile

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There are many platforms in the social media world for various people and practices. LinkedIn has become essential for those looking for professional career growth and networking opportunities.

How to Maximize Your Profile

  1. Post Relevant Content
    • Consider what your audience wants to read. Content that is useful and answers their questions about your industry attracts people. 
  2. Grow Your Network with Connections
    • You should strive to make at least 50 connections. Start by connecting with professional contacts. Use the search feature to search companies you worked for to find former or current employees. Do the same for the schools listed in your education section.
  3. Create an All-Star profile by meeting these seven criteria: 
    • Profile picture
    • Experience
    • Skills
    • Summary
    • Industry and location
    • Education
    • Connections
  4. Use Hashtags
    • Research a hashtag before you commit
    • Make it short, sweet, and catchy
    • Keep using hashtags to keep trending!

Want to Know More?

Susan Ginsberg O’Sullivan walks you through the platform and teaches you how to maximize its effectiveness. You also learn the most common mistakes—and how to avoid them.