Life After St. John’s: Alumna Launches Successful Start-up

Daphne V. Pierre

Former President’s Society member Daphné V. Pierre, Esq. ’09C, ’11G comes from a long family line of movers and shakers. Her father was the first Black chiropractor in Mississippi and her mother had a high-level position at the United Nations. Their morals, values, business ethic, and fortitude provided a strong foundation and motivated her to launch her own business.

After she graduated from St. John’s with a bachelor’s and master’s degree, Daphné and her husband, Shamil Rodriguez, founded Startnoo, a life-changing platform for those pursuing higher education. Startnoo’s mission is to help students and alumni pay their tuition or student loan debt through community service. The company also collaborates with nonprofit organizations to find qualified and skilled volunteers, as well as universities to increase enrollment and retention.

“Stop impressing people and start impressing yourself,” is the advice Daphné wished she would have learned at a younger age. For college students, this message is powerful because it’s a reminder that this is your journey to navigate. She also encourages current Johnnies to join student organizations and to network with professionals in their field of study. Decide where you want to go in life, set goals, and do everything in your power to succeed.

To learn more about Daphné’s incredible life after St. John’s, watch the full interview and discover how Startnoo can help you on your path to financial freedom. You can also stay connected with Startnoo on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.