Choosing a College: Is New York City a Good Place to Study?

Queens, New York City with the View of Manhattan
By Toni Critelli

Choosing a college requires more than just evaluating the academic program. It also involves finding an ideal location that matches your personal and professional objectives and passions.

And amidst the numerous college choices, New York City (NYC)—with its diverse culture, lively atmosphere, and renowned educational institutions—has long captivated students seeking a transformative experience. So, the question is: Is New York City a good place to study?       

In this blog post, we explore the numerous advantages of pursuing higher education in the lively and culturally diverse city of New York, highlighting the vibrant city borough of Queens. Get ready to discover the abundance of academic resources, the thriving social community, and the endless opportunities for personal and professional development that await you in this bustling metropolis.


Here are Six Reasons to Consider Studying in New York City:

1) The cultural diversity in New York City is unmatched. 

Diverse Group of St. John's Students in New York City

At the heart of New York City’s energizing atmosphere is its diverse and bustling population, totaling more than eight million people. Prepare to be inspired by a captivating blend of traditions, perspectives, and backgrounds that create a vibrant tapestry of cultures.

Boasting more than 700 languages and dialects and almost half its population identifying as Black, Asian, Hispanic, or Latino, NYC provides an excellent platform for promoting inclusivity and expanding your perspectives.

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2) New York City is home to top-ranked universities and colleges. 

St. John's University Queens, New York City Campus
St. John's University Queens, New York City campus

Numerous world-class universities and colleges in busy metropolis offer exceptional opportunities for intellectual and personal development.

St. John’s University, for example, is a renowned institution that stands out prominently in the educational landscape of New York City. With its rich history and commitment to academic excellence, it has established itself as a leading educational institution in the region.



3) New York City offers plenty of internship and job opportunities.

Employers at a St. John's University Queens Campus Career Fair offering Jobs and internships

A college education in New York City can lead to great opportunities with top companies and institutions worldwide.

A 2021 Office of the New York State Comptroller report on “The Office Sector in New York City” noted that “more than 250,000 businesses are located in the city, and 43 of the companies included in the S&P 500 Index have headquarters located here, the highest number of any city.” 

What this means as a college student is a vast selection of job opportunities and diverse internship placements across various fields. 

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4) New York City is a great place to network and develop industry connections.

St. John's Queens New York Networking Mixer

When it comes to networking and developing industry connections, there is no place quite like New York City. Its vibrant and diverse community is a melting pot of talent, offering you a place to thrive while connecting with professionals and experts across various fields. 

St. John’s University is an institution that exemplifies its commitment to students’ personal and professional growth. With its strategic location in New York City, this esteemed University opens the doors to many internships, workshops, seminars, and networking events where you can engage directly with influential figures and potential employers. 


5) New York has an extensive public transportation system. 

Subway train in Queens New York City

Navigating New York City as a college student is a breeze with its network of trains, buses, and subways across all five boroughs (i.e., Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island).

Whether commuting to classes, interning at a prestigious company, or simply exploring the city’s iconic landmarks, New York City’s public transportation ensures you can make the most of your college experience without limitations. 


6)  New York City offers plenty of opportunities to have unforgettable experiences.

Dancing event for Chinese New Year on the St. John's University Queens, New York City Campus
Annual Lunar New Year Celebration at St. John's University

As a college student in New York City, you will be immersed in a world of unique opportunities for unforgettable experiences. From diverse cultural events and inclusive communities to world-class museums and iconic attractions, the city offers a variety of activities that cater to every interest. 

St. John’s University, among other colleges and universities, provides various opportunities on campus to create unforgettable memories. With more than 180 clubs and organizations, sporting events, cultural community celebrations, and an active Greek scene, you can always find something to do on the St. John’s campus.


Studying in New York City’s borough of Queens.

Map of New York City with Red thumbnail pointing to Queens

As the easternmost and largest borough in the city, Queens proudly embraces its nickname as “The World’s Borough”—and with good reason.

Renowned for its unmatched diversity, Queens is a vibrant mosaic of cultures. According to the US Census, an astounding 47 percent of its population was born outside the United States, making it a melting pot of perspectives and traditions. 

The borough’s allure lies not only in its rich ethnic diversity but also in its language diversity, with more than 130 languages spoken among its residents, including Spanish, Russian, Korean, Greek, Urdu, and Tagalog, among others.

As a student seeking an inclusive and welcoming environment, studying in Queens presents an unparalleled opportunity to be part of a truly global community.

Embark on a Life-Changing New York City Education at St. John’s University.

Take the first step toward an extraordinary academic journey and immerse yourself in a transformative New York City education at St. John’s University. With multiple campuses, including the vibrant borough of Queens, the bustling heart of Manhattan, and exciting study-abroad locations, you can tailor your learning experience to match your aspirations.

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