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A Johnny's Journey

Start fresh. Start now.

A Johnny's Journey to Success was designed to help you stay on track to achieve your career goals.

A Four-Year Plan for Career Success (PDF)
Deciding on a career is a process, and something that will not happen two weeks before graduation. Start exploring as early as your first year, and we are confident that you will be much more prepared to find a career that suits your passions, values, interests, and goals.

The expanded plans below cover academic, career, co-curricular and spiritual experiences through each year at St. John’s University.

Expanded First-Year Plan (PDF)
Whether you came to college knowing exactly what you want to do after graduation, or still need time to explore your talents and interests, it is never too early get connected.

Expanded Second-Year Plan (PDF)
Whether you are considering applying to graduate school or hoping to enter the workforce, now is the time to start gaining the experience you will need for your future.

Expanded Third-Year Plan (coming soon)
From researching your options and perfecting your resume, to applying for summer internships and building your network, use your junior year to jumpstart the career planning process.

Expanded Fourth-Year Plan (coming soon)
The time has come to make the transition to life after college. Targeting opportunities and preparing for the application process early in the year will help you launch your career.