How to Get Your I-20 Form

What is an I-20 and Why Do You Need One?
A Form I-20 is the government form that St. John’s University uses to certify to the U.S. government that you are eligible for F-1 Student Status. 

How Do I Get the I-20 Application Form?
You need to request your I-20 Application Form. You may contact our Office of International Students & Scholar Services, or you may download the I-20 Form (PDF). 

When Do I Start the I-20 Application Process?
You can apply at the same time you apply for admission.  Note that an I-20 will not be issued until you are officially accepted to the program.

What are the Rules for Obtaining an I-20?

  • You must be accepted to a full-time program of study at St. John's University.
  • You must prove to us that you can support the costs of living and studying in the U.S. for the entire duration of your program of study. This is required by U.S. law. 
  • Do not expect that you will be able to work in the U.S. to help meet your annual costs. On-Campus employment is limited and competitive, and off-campus employment is strictly controlled by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services.

How do I submit my I-20 application?

All forms should be uploaded directly into your student portal. If you have not previously logged into your student portal, follow the instructions on the login screen regarding how to create an account:

What if I am transferring to St. John’s University from another US school?

If you are an F-1 student who is transferring or changing schools, the US Department of Homeland Security requests that you complete a special school transfer procedure. In order to maintain your F-1 status, you must complete this procedure within the first 15 days of starting school at St. John’s University.

How to complete your school transfer procedure:

  • Complete and submit the I-20 application, along with the required evidence of financial support, in your student portal in Slate.
  • Complete part I of the F-1 transfer form, and then submit the form in your student portal in Slate.
  • Advise your previous school that you are transferring and that you will definitely attend St. John’s. Your previous school will “release” your immigration record to St. John’s in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.
  • If you plan to travel outside the US before school begins, we can mail your transfer-in I-20 to you abroad.
Points to Remember
  • Form I-20 does not automatically come with your admission - you need to apply for it.
  • A bank statement is not enough - you need to submit the whole application. 
  • Do not confuse proof of income with bank statements.
  • Read the I-20 application instructions carefully.

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