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As part of our network of friends, we want to share with you the most up-to-date financial, academic, and campus life information. We would also like to extend to you invitations to University-sponsored events, both in New York City and around the country.

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Fall 2023 Open House

Our focus is on their experience!

Students and their families learn about what makes St. John’s University stand apart from the rest at Fall Open House.

Take an Ambassador led tour of our beautiful campus, stopping at the “overlook” for the best view of the NYC skyline, and walk the Great Lawn. Meet with Deans, administrators, and current Johnnies to learn how a degree from St. John’s University is an education that elevates and the opportunities that await!

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St. John's University
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Counselor Fly-In

"You are amazing!  The counselor fly in was top notch!  I have been on many and St. John’s has far surpassed all the others!!!

I appreciated seeing both campuses and the tour guides were wonderful!  The information sessions were very helpful.  The Global Studies program is unbelievable!  Very impressive!!

I have two more students who completed their applications upon my return!  Alyson Embry will be visiting in April for the Admitted students’ weekend.  And Deidre Ramirez is applying for more private scholarships so she can afford to come in the fall as well! 

The bamboo plant arrived yesterday – what a nice surprise!  You are so thoughtful!  I have the Wicked soundtrack on Pandora in my office all day!!!

Thank you for a memorable fly-in!  You did it right!  Say hello to everyone for me!"
- Carol- Phoenix, AZ

 "I am back in Atlanta and have caught my breath and -WOW!   Thanks for the awesome college visitation to learn about your school, St. John's University- and the exciting city in which it is located.  To all concerned, a most sincere thank you for this exceptional opportunity.  I am so pumped about STJ and what this school can offer students.  Being on both the Queens and Staten Island campuses will be of great benefit as I speak with our Woodward students about the possibilities at each.  My reading library is full of STJ material and I am eager to talk and share!

Accommodations were first class - from air arrangements to hotel and yummy food and beverages (so good!!). The schedule was excellent and time for conversations, panels, and tours were all well paced.  I can't wait to sport my new red/black shoulder bag although I have eaten many of the treats - perfect for Sunday am and on the flight home.  Our STJ leaders, Christine and Illana were the best, for sure, and I absolutely learned some new subway and train skills to use here in Atlanta on our MARTA from the amazing duo.   Now for Wicked - words just are not adequate to describe this delightful event.  Loved it!!  And the over-the-top Italian dinner at Carmine's was totally memorable and the most delicious mixture of scrumptious food.  I am still thinking about the zucchini .....

Please extend my most sincere thanks to each and every person involved in this extremely well-done counselor visitation. Thank you so much for including me."
- Mary Ann- College Park, GA

"Thank you for three wonderful days.  I have not gotten any work done this morning because I have been talking non-stop about St. John’s and the Counselor Fly-In program.  The program was informative and fun.  I now have a good understanding of St.John’s mission and programs.  Be assured that I will promote your outstanding institution to my students and their parents.  It will be a good fit for many of my students because its core values are similar to Beaumont’s.  Also, thank you for the entertainment and delicious food.  Wicked was amazing!  Carmines was the perfect ending!  Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to the entire staff!"
- Mary- Cleaveland Heights, OH

Men's Basketball game at MSG

"Thank you so much for having me and my colleagues at your counselor event last night.  I had a great time at Hudson Station, and what a great game.  It was only fitting that St. John's would pull out the win.  As a UConn alumnus, I write humbled by rooting for the visiting team." -Sheldon House 

"It was a wonderful evening.  The interaction with counselors and SJ's admission and university folks were invaluable.  Thank you for organizing the program."  -Dwight Englewood School

"We had a great time and your staff were tremendous hosts." -Walt Whitman High School