Tobin Equity and Inclusion Task Force

Page last updated 11/9/2021

About the Equity and Inclusion Task Force

The charge of the Equity and Inclusion Task force was to present a clear set of recommended strategies to improve the climate at the Tobin College of Business for faculty, staff, administrators, and students regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, and sexual orientation by January 2021.  Specific attention was given to proposing strategies to prevent any implicit and explicit forms of racism within the St. John’s community and to foster a more inclusive academic learning and working environment. These recommendations considered feasibility and scalability – and identify a timeline. 

  1. How can we embed values of equity, inclusion, and anti-racism in criteria for recruiting, retention and reward (i.e., in hiring, tenure, promotion, AFARs, etc.)? 
  2. What are the most effective ways to embed equity and inclusion values in the curriculum? How and what level? 
  3. How often should we provide implicit bias training for faculty, staff and administrators – specifically including P&B members?
  4. How can we ensure that all junior faculty are being properly mentored and evaluated at all levels (i.e., P&B, CPC, UPC)?
  5. How can we expand opportunities in the College for discussion and recourse when issues are identified?
  • Iris Mohr, Associate Professor, Marketing (Chair)
  • Sheila Russell, Asst. Dean – Staff/Administrators
  • Stephanie Shaw – Adjunct Faculty
  • Victoria Shoaf, Professor, Accounting
  • Jack Clarke, Professor, Law
  • MannyRusson, Associate Professor, Business Analytics
  • Yun Zhu, Associate Professor, Finance
  • Ingrid Fray, Associate Professor of the Practice, Management
  • Annette Hoffmann, Associate Professor, SRM
  • Jeffrey Taylor, Adjunct Faculty 
  • Mandisa Turner, Tobin Board of Advisors

At the Peter J. Tobin College of Business, we believe that all students deserve a high quality, fair, and transformational education.  Our core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion are inseparable from our academic mission and we are intentional about fostering and providing a sensitive, inclusive, respectful, and supportive learning environment for all Tobin students, staff, and faculty, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, ability, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

The DEI Task Force completed its work in January, 2021 and presented their recommendations to the Tobin Faculty Council in Spring, 2021. These recommendations are actively being discussed and implemented. Early results are as follows:

  • A DEI Statement was drafted by the Dean and Department Chairs and approved by Tobin faculty.
  • A new Junior Mentor Program (JUMP) has been created and launched to improve the coaching and mentoring of all Tobin junior faculty, with specific focus on the retention of diverse faculty.  The Director of JUMP is Professor Lenora Fuxman.
  • The Ph.D. Project (a professional outreach organization) has been used in the hiring process at Tobin for the past three years, resulting in increasingly diverse hires at Tobin.
  • All Departments have been asked to identify a designated DEI Advocate on each of their P&B committees/search committees to complete DEI training.
  • The Dean's Tobin Student DEI Task Force, composed of both undergraduate and graduate students, advises the Dean and Associate Deans on how to practice shared equity leadership to improve the inclusive academic climate at the Tobin College of Business. Current members of the council include:
    • Lizbeth Edwards (Chair) - Finance & Minor Cyber Security
    • Michael Urbano - Accounting
    • Christian Amazan - M.S. Risk Financial Advisory
    • Austin Bovino - Business Analytics
    • Colin Robinson - Accounting
    • Luis-Henrique Amaral - Business Analytics
    • Chand Kalra - Stem M.B.A.