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Spring 2020

Letter from the Dean

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Ideate, Innovate, Implement. This is our mantra. This is what we are passionate about.

Therefore, we have restructured our curriculum, integrated technology into our teaching quality and increased our research productivity. Within the past year, we collaborated with the St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to launch the Media, Art and Design Lab, also known as the MAD Lab,” for students studying digital media, animation, illustration, graphic design, advertising, public relations, photography, television and film, and mass communication. We also opened the Design Factory, originally developed at Aalto University in Finland, an innovation space and pedagogical model that employs problem-based instruction. The Design Factory challenges curious students to learn by solving real-life problems in a collaborative, maker-space environment.

We are focused on our passion for teaching students how to deal with real-world problems and challenges. This season, I would like to highlight our newest master program, Cyber and Information Security. This 30 credit master’s program combines cybersecurity and information science. It appeals to students who want to become cybersecurity specialists as well as data scientists and information technology managers already in the field who need to upgrade their skills to be able to address cyber-crime issues. Given the pervasive nature of cyber threats this master’s program gives students an edge in the job market and the world around them. I invite you to explore this new program on our website to learn more.

In order to provide our students with an enhanced teaching and learning environment, CCPS opened and rearranged the use of five new labs within the last years. These labs include the Homeland Security/Emergency Management Simulation Lab, which provides a real-time immersion and learning experience for students to engage in interactive simulations of scenarios such as terrorist attacks, floods, nuclear strikes, hazardous material releases, and severe weather conditions. The Sanford Family CyberSecurity Lab is a specialized venue for learning, applying, and practicing the principles of computer and network security. The Innovation and Design Enhancing the Arts (IDEA)Lab focuses on student creativity. The Innovation Lab, which now hosts the design factory, is a hub of high-tech discovery for emerging entrepreneurs. In the lab, students work to develop new ideas and products and transform them into final “sellable” content. The Computer Science Lab is a flexible space where faculty and students collaborate. Its most notable feature is a series of servers that are dedicated to testing applications in data mining, health care informatics, and other special software.

Unfortunately, we also lost a great faculty member, Professor Anthony Missere, Division of Sport Management, a long-time icon of our College. Professor Missere’s untimely passing left a deep void in our community and outpour of support followed from within and outside St. John’s reminding us what it means to be part of the St. John’s family. A scholarship in his honor has been established by the College and I invite you to consider contributing to support future generations of CCPS students

I invite you to come and take a look at our new labs and explore our new programs. Our latest CCPS Viewbook has also just been released and will allow you to explore the improvements in our curriculum, teaching, and research productivity. Please join us on this exciting journey of ours and learn how to become better prepared for the future. And do not forget to reach out to find out ways in which you can support our continued growth.


Katia Passerini, Ph.D., PMP
The Lesley H. and William L. Collins Distinguished Chair
& Dean of the Collins College of Professional Studies

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