Collins College of Professional Studies Honor Society

The Collins College of Professional Studies Honor Society seeks applicants who have high achievements both in academics and in service within and outside the university. Those who will be accepted and remain in good standing will represent the top students in the college. Members will be required to take part in yearly academic and service events. Members will not be exempt from finals.

Queens Application Form Staten Island Application Form

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must have already completed 60 credits of college work, not including courses in which you are currently enrolled and be a junior or senior in a declared baccalaureate program.
  • 30 credits must have been earned in the College of Professional Studies in which you must have been a student for the last two consecutive semesters (Fall, Spring or Spring, Fall).
  • You must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.70 for ALL college work including transfer credit.  Please note your transfer GPA cannot raise your St. John’s GPA.
  • The number of Withdrawals or Unofficial Withdrawals (WD or UW) grades on your Transcript may not exceed three (3).
  • Participation in some form of University, community or civic activity or attendance at academic or community meetings is strongly encouraged.
  • Input the names of two individuals who can provide you with a recommendation supporting your application. One of these letters must be written by a member of the faculty in your major department. The second may be from any faculty member or a member of the administration.

Application Instructions

  1. Complete the application form. (Applications forms can be found below)
  2. Type a brief but specific personal statement that includes your educational goals, career plans, and why you wish to join the Honor Society.  Include any additional information which you believe might strengthen your application.
  3. Include the information (Name and Email of Two Recommenders within the application) Recommendations are due: October 15th, 2020. It is highly recommended that you reach out to your recommenders ASAP, and give them at least 2 weeks to begin preparing your recommendation. A recommendation request will be sent to them directly once the student submits their completed application.

    It is recommended that you complete the application and request your recommendation, as soon as possible but no later than October 8th, 2020


Queens Application Form 

Staten Island Application Form