Fashion Studies

Fashion Studies and Fashion Sustainability Minors


Are you excited by fashion?  Do you watch fashion shows or movies? Do you follow your favorite streetwear designers? Do you sketch whenever you can and imagine your brand on garments you help to create? If you answer yes to any of these questions, there is a minor, actually two, here for you!

The Collins College of Professional Studies at St. John’s University offers many professional programs in exciting, in-demand fields.  Among these is Fashion Studies which at St. John’s Collins’ College focuses on global fashion and its many opportunities for employment.  The College knows that often students want to combine their interests in more than one academic field; so, in Fashion Studies, it offers two minor area programs for students majoring in a non-fashion field; the Fashion Studies Minor and the Fashion Industry Sustainability Minor.  The minors are open to students in any major at the University.  Students studying in diverse majors can add a Fashion Studies minor to their preparation, becoming more specialized;  as a student majoring in Risk Management and Insurance said when his professor asked him why he had chosen a fashion studies minor:  “someone has to sell insurance to the fashion industry, and it might as well be me.” And as one of our fashion industry speakers said to her student audience, “There is a place in the fashion industry for students in every major!”

Development Power Hour Presentation

Are you wondering how your Lifestyle and Fashion have shifted since the Pandemic, link into our Development Power Hour Presentation!

Dr. A. Andrea Licari, Director of The Fashion Institute and Professor Nicole Mussenden, both teach in The Collins College of Professional Studies, discuss changes in consumer behavior due to the pandemic. Many of the consumer market shifts were already underway before the pandemic started. The pandemic acted as an accelerator to the “Perceived Trends” that we all observe globally. For more information on our Fashion Studies degree, which is based on the Fashion Business which is founded on the concepts of, Sustainability, Ethics, Fair Trade and Global Markets, click here and see what the St. John’s University can offer you!      

Fashion Studies Minor 

Campus: Q and SI
Division of Administration and Economics, CCPS
Level:  Undergraduate; Open to all students, all majors, all years.
Credits Needed: 15 credits

The Fashion Studies Minor focuses on the fashion industry, particularly its business and its ethical aspects. Many of those who produce garments globally share little in the wealth they produce. How can this be changed to reward these poor more fairly? Students may shape this minor according to their personal interests in Fashion and can choose to complete any 15 credits or 5 Fashion Studies courses (except for internship courses.)  The list of courses available to minors is extensive and includes almost all the courses open to FAS majors.  This minor permits our minors pursuing any major at the University to choose the fashion courses that best complement his or her major.

Courses and Course Numbers

  • Fashion Marketing, 1006
  • Legal Aspects of the Fashion Industry, 1055
  • Introduction to the Fashion Industry and Careers, 1075
  • Global Fashion Management, 1080
  • The Fashion Design Process, 1081
  • Current Issues in Fashion, 1065
  • Fashion and Ethics, 1056
  • Fashion Industry Sustainability, 1083
  • Social Responsibility in the Fashion Industry, 1084
  • Management Aspects of the Fashion Industry, 1070
  • Fashion Entrepreneurship and E-Technology, 1076
  • Introduction to Fashion/Lifestyle Branding, 1015 
  • Leadership and Management in the Fashion Industry, 1079
  • Color in life and Fashion, 1093
  • Virtual Fashion Merchandising, 1094
  • Fashion Crimes and Scandals, 1095
  • Fashion in Film, 1082.

The Fashion Industry Sustainability Minor

Campus: Q and SI
Division of Administration and Economics, CCPS
Level:  Undergraduate; Open to all students, all majors, all years.
Credits Needed: 18 credits.

The Fashion Industry Sustainability Minor was designed by Collins’ College with support courses from St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the home of the University’s environmental science programs.  This minor requires 18 credits or 6 courses for completion. Its focus is at the forefront of where the fashion industry is today; examining ways in which fashion can be both successful and sustainable; producing fashion while safeguarding our global environment for the future, reducing waste and recycling fabric more.  Fashion’s focus on sustainability and on protecting the environment is a feature of Fashion Week shows this February 2020;  St. John’s is proud to offer its students this important area of study.  Students in the minor should choose courses as follows:

Courses and Course Numbers

9 credits or 3 courses from

  • FAS 1083, Fashion Industry Sustainability
  • FAS 1084, Social Responsibility in the Fashion Industry
  • ESP 2410, Principles and Practices of Sustainable Development; and,

9 credits or 3 courses from

  • FAS 1006, Fashion Marketing
  • FAS 1055, Legal Aspects of the Fashion Industry
  • FAS 1056, Fashion and Ethics
  • FAS 1065, Current Issues in Fashion
  • FAS 1070, Management Aspects of the Fashion Industry
  • FAS 1075, Introduction to the Fashion Industry and Careers
  • FAS 1080, Global Fashion Management
  • FAS 1081, The Fashion Design Process
  • ESP 1010, Introduction to Ecological Principles
  • ESP/ANT 1120, Human Ecology
  • GDS 1000, Theories in Global and Sustainable Development
  • GDS 2000, Health, Food and the Environment
  • GEO 2001, Natural Resources and World Development
  • ITA 3190, Italian Culture through Food.