Spring 2021 Grants Bulletin

The Office of Grants and Sponsored Research (OGSR) represents the preaward administration office and nonfinancial postaward administration at St. John's University. We provide service and support related to research activities across all schools and units at the University and work closely with the Office of Business Affairs regarding postaward items such as the financial management of sponsored projects. Sponsored programs include research, instruction and training, public service, evaluative testing, and other scholarly and creative activities conducted under the direction of University faculty and staff and funded by organizations external to the University in accordance with award regulations.

Grants Bulletin


The Student Research Opportunity Center (SROC) is located inside the main entrance of the D’Angelo Center, featuring two 50-inch touch-screen monitors that provide listings of research opportunities available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

The SROC was created to engage more students in research and projects (high impact practice) that would afford undergraduate and graduate students internal research opportunities. Students can benefit from these opportunities by gaining knowledge and experience to support their career goals. Our aim is to create the researchers of tomorrow. At St. John’s University, you will find a very supportive researcher environment at every level.

We invite and encourage faculty to take advantage of the SROC by filling out the Research Project Student Request Form information about any opportunities you can offer.

The SROC benefits students as well as faculty by promoting the culture of research on campus. As positions are posted, we will contact students to alert them of new research opportunities available via the SROC.


OGSR successfully implemented the Cayuse SP internal review system for all outgoing external grant and fellowship applications. The former Project Authorization Budget Summary (PABS) form has permanently been retired in place of this automated system.

Some of the benefits that Cayuse SP provides are:

  • Transparent electronic approvals: Paper transmittal sheets (PABS) will be replaced by a simple online process for reviewing and approving proposals for submission.
  • Electronic proposal routing will replace antiquated “snail mail” internal review system.
  • Integrated record keeping: Principal Investigators and OGSR staff will have full access to proposals, award notices, and progress reports regardless of submission method or sponsor.
  • Repository for all proposal/award documents.

OGSR has implemented a cloud-based software called Cayuse IRB. This software streamlines Institutional Review Board (IRB) submission processes and provides greater access to your IRB records.

Some benefits of Cayuse IRB include:

  • Easy to use electronic forms with autofill features
  • Ability to submit and certify protocols from your computer
  • Real-time submission tracking
  • IRB record management, from initial submission through study closure

If you are a first-time user, contact [email protected] and provide your first name, last name, email address and academic department in order to receive your user ID. You will then receive instructions on how to get started in Cayuse.

Time and Effort Policy

The full institutional Time and Effort policy can be referenced at: Time and Effort Policy

In order to certify that effort expended on a project is at least commensurate with the salary charged against the sponsored program, the University employs an after-the-fact effort reporting system for faculty, administrators, and staff who have a portion of their salary or time charged to a sponsored program. Individual effort reports are required for each cycle, as defined below, for all employees who have a portion of their salary or time charged to a federal sponsored program as mandated. The Office of Grants and Sponsored Research (OGSR) shall ensure full compliance with the University’s time and effort reporting requirements and along with Business Affairs, maintain full documentation, which will be available for inspection by the University’s auditors.

Cost-Share Requests

*All cost share requests must undergo initial vetting and secure the approval of Business Affairs, and advance time must be afforded them in order to review any and all St. John’s contributions prior to your submission. All such final proposals (bearing the approvals of your Chair, Dean or Supervisor) should be in receipt of the OGSR no later than ten (10) business days prior to the agency deadline.

Cayuse Electronic Approvals

Once your budget is finalized, the assigned OGSR Grants Specialist will provide you with the electronic Cayuse SP internal review platform for routing through administrative channels. Through use of this system, OGSR will initiate an electronic routing chain which will require the initial approvals of (in following order) the PI, Chair, Dean (or applicable Director).

The following supporting documentation should be uploaded into Cayuse for review:

  • Final Budget/Justification
  • Abstract
  • Proposal Narrative

Only after these internal authorizations are in place, the OGSR will submit the complete proposal to the attention of the sponsor.

Proposals not following these described procedures and internal deadlines will be deemed as non-compliant with institutional process, and their submission cannot be guaranteed as a result.