St. John's University Retirees Association

The St. John’s University Retirees Association was created to allow former St. John’s employees to stay connected to each other and the University. Membership is open to all employees who have retired from St. John’s. Spouses of retired employees are also eligible for membership. Rev. James F. Dorr, C.M. ’79GEd serves as Moderator.


The Division of Institutional Advancement and the Office of Human Resources work closely to ensure that our retirees remain active participants within the University community. All members are invited to take advantage of a variety of benefits designed to enhance their lives socially, culturally and educationally. Those benefits, which are coordinated by the Office of Gift Planning of the Division of Institutional Advancement, include:

  • A variety of social events, including two annual complimentary luncheons, traditionally held on the Queens campus during the months of April and October, and an annual day trip to an interesting location within the greater New York metropolitan area.
  • A semi-annual Retirees Association newsletter containing information regarding University updates, upcoming events, estate and financial planning information and other materials of interest to our members.

There are also additional benefits for retirees that are administered by the Office of Human Resources.

  • Private counseling sessions with representatives from TIAA-CREF and Fidelity. Please call the Human Resources Benefits Office at 718-990-6683 to schedule an appointment

Please note that membership cards are no longer valid and are not being distributed.

More Information

Susan M. Damiani ‘87CBA
Director of Gift Planning
St. John’s University Retirees Association
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
Tel.: 718-990-7562
Fax: 718-990-8423
[email protected]

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Membership and Benefits

It’s quick and easy to become a member of the St. John’s University Retirees Association. Simply complete and submit the membership form, or contact Susan Damiani, Director of Gift Planning, Office of Gift Planning at 718-990-7562or e-mail [email protected].

Benefits to Retirees
The St. John’s University Office of Human Resources administers specific benefits for retirees who meet all the following eligibility criteria:

Employee is at least 55 years of age, and Employee has at least 10 years of full-time service with the University, and Employee’s age and years of full-time service combined equal 75 years or more.

Retirees who meet all of these requirements are eligible for:

  • Health insurance benefits
  • Dental insurance benefits
  • Life insurance benefits
  • Tuition remission benefits
  • Individual counseling with One Exchange, the country’s largest private Medicare exchange. One Exchange will help you determine the medical plan which is most suitable to your needs at the lowest possible cost. Please call 1-877-233-7452 to speak with an One Exchange benefits adviser.

More Information
For additional information regarding these benefits, please contact Laura M. Luecke, Benefits Specialist, Office of Human Resources at 718-990-2077 or e-mail [email protected]

Join us for the next Retirees Association Luncheon on Wednesday, November 13.  View photos from our last luncheon.

To encourage members to stay connected to each other and to St. John’s, the Retirees Association schedules a number of events throughout the year. These events include complimentary on-campus luncheons and reasonably priced trips to museums and other locations in and around New York.

During your time at the University you played an important role in the St. John’s experience, and there’s no reason for that to end now that you’re retired. We want to know what’s going on in your life, and let you know about the latest happenings at the University. We encourage our members to submit articles with supporting photographs and artwork to the Retirees Association Newsletter. Articles and updates, which may be edited for space considerations, may be submitted via e-mail, fax or postal mail to:

Susan M. Damiani ‘87CBA
Director of Gift Planning, Office of Gift Planning
St. John’s University Retirees Association
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
Tel.: 718-990-7562
Fax: 718-990-8423
[email protected]

The following individuals have retired during the Fiscal Year June 1, 2013 through May 31, 2014:

Name Category DepartmentYears Year of Retirement
Phyllis QuattracheStaffStaten Island, Counseling Center142013-2014
Angela MirabileAdministratorStaten Island, St. John's College Dean's Office172013-2014
Elizabeth SheaStaffSt. John's College, Biology, Queens Campus312013-2014
Rosemary ColvinStaffQueens, School of Education, Dean's Office28


The following individuals have retired during the Fiscal Year June 1, 2014 through May 31, 2015:

Name Category DepartmentYears Year of Retirement
Algernon Adams StaffPublic Safety Jamaica352014
Susan AdamskiStaffTCB Accounting162014
Isabella AloysiusAdministratorUits Applications Devel.172014
Brij AnandAdministratorDept of Facilities Services-Jamaica92014
Lorraine BaisleyStaffA&S Psych Svcs Ctr202014
Amar Singh BalgobindStaffDept of Facilities Svcs-Manhattan202014
Germana BerniStaffAthletic Development152014
Patricia BittnerStaffSJC Gov & Politics222014
Patrick BreenAdministratorBursar192014
Susan BruningStaffPAH Pharm Admin & Health Sci152014
Henry BukayStaffPublic Safety Jamaica182014
Thomas BurkeAdministratorInstitutional Adv Communications102014
Lawrence Burke AdministratorEd Dean Office32014
Clare Byrne AdministratorGrants Office62014
Theresa Cantarella AdministratorFinancial Aid-Jamaica412014
Margaret CashinAdministratorThe Office of Community Relations282014
James ConlonAdministratorLaw School Career Srvcs62014
Denise Cordova GrayAdministratorHuman Resources162014
Mary CourtneyStaffCPS Dean's Office182014
Wayne Crooks StaffDept of Facilities Svcs-Manhattan252014
Edris CustStaffExecutive VP & Treasurer Office132014
Melvyn DavisAdministratorAthletic Development72014
Donna DeansStaffPurchasing262014
Joseph DelnnocentiisStaffUits User/Acad. Services152014
Carol DeistlerAdministratorUniversity Marketing82014
Kathy DeNezzoStaffStudent Life Office202014
Connie DeSimoneStaffWriting Ctr S.I.92014
Maureen DevineStaffStudent Life Office222014
Marie DiMaggioStaffPharm Pharmaceutical Sci292014
Paula Edwards StaffLaw School Education92014
Linda Faucetta AdministratorEd Dean Office72014
Christine FelicettiStaffExecutive VP & Treasurer Office162014
Giovanna FiniStaffEd Dean Office162014
Denise ForgioneStaffStudent Life Office - S.I.92014
Thomas GalardAdministratorHuman Resources92014
Janie GrisantiStaffLeadership Development242014
Robert GuastellaStaffLaw School Dean Office162014
Dorothy HabbenAdministratorPresident Office482014
Cuthbert HallAdministratorBusiness Affairs Jamaica142014
Lydia HaluskaAdministratorEd Dean Office242014
Diane HardingStaffLaw School Library172014
Edward HattauerAdministratorSL - Queens Counseling Center62014
Diane HergenrotherAdministratorPROVOST'S Office192014
Lydia HoremisAdministratorCareer Center172014
Edward HubertStaffOakdale Security152014
Stephen IorlanoAdminUits T&N Services252014
Bridgeanand JamesStaffDept of Facilities Svcs-Manhattan232014
Paul KaragianisAdministratorUits Applications Devel.332014
Louise KnappStaffTCB Dean Office202014
Steven KuntzAdministratorEd Dean Office132014
Cathy LancellottiAdministratorA&S Psych Svcs Ctr152014
Maria LaucellaStaffPresident Office72014
Bernadette LavinAdministratorOffice of Conference Services182014
Corazon LiragStaffCall Center162014
Susan LouieAdministratorLaw School Dean Office152014
Francis LudwigStaffPublic Safety Jamaica72014
Johanna Lynch StaffOffice of Conference Services222014
Patricia MaguireAdministratorTCB Dean Office192014
William ManzAdministratorLaw School Library292014
Deborah MartinezStaffSJC Library Science72014
Josephine MauroStaffCPS Dean's Office322014
Susan McCuskerStaffAdvancement Services212014
Gerard McEnerneyAdministratorSI Campus VP Office172014
James McKinstryAdministratorPurchasing162014
Charlotte MischnerStaffTCB Management62014
James MonnierAdministratorGift Planning82014
Robert MontevagoAdministratorUits Applications Devel.122014
Jo-An Morris StaffJamaica Library102014
Richard MorisseyAdministratorA&S Psych Svcs Ctr82014
Felicia MuriStaffEd Dean Office202014
Rosanne NacinovichStaffAnnual Giving182014
Mary Nella StaffAdmissions-Jamaica/Manhattan172014
William NieterAdministratorSJC Deans Office382014
Eleanor NoonanStaffTCB Dean Office232014
Jeffery OlsonAdministratorPROVOST'S Office262014
Jane O'Shea StaffTCB Dean Office282014
Michael PalladinoAdministratorCorporate Foundation Relations82014
Maria Plut StaffLaw School Dean Office72014
Lynn Prestia-CassutoStaffPharmacy Dean Office92014
Tina PuglisiStaffEd Admin & Instruction152014
Susann RagoneAdministratorEd Dean Office152014
Antonio RamirezAdministratorLaw School Library92014
Dadool Persuad RamotarStaffMailroom Jamaica182014
Shanta RamsingStaffLaw School Library152014
Maria RandallStaffUits User/Acad. Services162014
Rita Rizzi StaffEd Admin & Instruction152014
Jerrold RossAdministratorEd Dean Office192014
Richard Rothel AdministratorUits Applications Devel.402014
Ann Marie RuzickaAdministratorCPS Dean's Office122014
Arundhati SatkalmiAdministratorLaw School Library232014
Mary ScholfieldStaffCampus Ministry262014
Eugenia SmilowitzStaffSJC English202014
Roseann SorensenAdministratorS.I. Career Center92014
Galina SpicehandlerAdministratorLibrary - Manhattan112014
Monica Spiro-FarrellAdministratorCPS Dean's Office332014
Frances StathisAdministratorEd Human Svc & Counseling62014
Peter TarasAdministratorMailroom Jamaica322014
Patricia ThompsonStaffLaw School Career Srvcs182014
Margaret TierneyAdministratorHealth Office S.I.232014
Penni TloczkowskiAdministratorV.P. Instit. Advancement122014
Barbara TraubAdministratorLaw School Library162014
Mary VerroneStaffFinancial Aid-Jamaica242014
Janet VineisAdministratorRegistrar-Jamaica152014
Thomas WeissStaffPublic Safety Jamaica152014
Roy WelchStaffPublic Safety Manhattan112014
Barbara WelkiStaffCPS Dean's Office162014
James WilliamsStaffPublic Safety Manhattan152014
Charisse WillisAdministratorEd Dean Office222014
Arlene WisanAdministratorA&S Speech & Hearing Ctr312014
Millard Yoder AdministratorSJC Languages and Literatures142014
Daniel GalloFaculty SJC Mathematics262014
Arnold DikanskyFaculty SJC Mathematics252014
Sharon NortonFaculty CPS Criminal Justice &Legal Studies202014
Sally KenelFaculty SJC Theology302014
Edward FiorelliFaculty CPS English & Speech472014
Teresa DanileFaculty TCB Accounting342014
Mark PrendergastFaculty CPS Mass Communication72014
Andrew RussakoffFaculty Computer Info Systems/Decision Sci372014
Ralph StephaniFaculty Pharm Pharmaceutical Sci382014
Tina Jupiter Faculty SJC Communication Sciences & Disord222014
Frank PatalanoFaculty SJC Psychology382014
Anne DranginisFaculty SJC Biology222014
S. GokturkFaculty TCB Economics442014
A. DohertyFaculty TCB Marketing462014
Judith CramerFaculty CPS Mass Communication122014
Fredericka Bell-BertiFaculty SJC Communication Sciences & Disord342014
Deborah SaldanaFaculty Dept of Curriculum and Instruction192014
Richard AriasFaculty PA Years 3, 472014
Romero ScottFaculty CPS Social Sciences332014
George McCartneyFaculty CPS English & Speech372014
Theresa DiBartoloFaculty CPS Computer Science, Math,&Science252014
Susan LushingFaculty CPS Criminal Justice &Legal Studies392014
Connie Kuntz-ThorsenFaculty Jamaica Library252014
Charles AshbyFaculty Pharm Pharmaceutical Sci192014
Frank BradyFaculty CPS Mass Communication332014
Timothy Carter Faculty SJC Biology362014
Joan D'AndreaFaculty Jamaica Library542014
M.E. EllisFaculty TCB Economics252014
Katherine ShelferFaculty SJC Library Science72014
Yue LinFaculty SJC Biology382014
Jay ZimmermanFaculty SJC Biology392014
Arthur ShermanFaculty Jamaica Library242014
Anthony LoBalboFaculty SJC Dept of Art and Design382014
Jack FranzettiFaculty CPS English & Speech582014
Leonard BrosgoleFaculty SJC Psychology472014
 Anita WebbAdministrator School of Risk Management162014
 Patricia NolanAdministrator Major Gift Officer 152014
Kathleen Voute MacDonald Administrator Dean CPS202014
Janet Vineis Administrator Associate Registrar152014
  Clover HallAdministrator VP Institutional Research and Academic Planning 202014
Pamela Fairman Administrator The Language Connection42014
Mary Ann Dantuono Administrator Associate Director Vincentian Center for Church & Society182014
Elaine Bruno Staff School of Ed: Academic Support Assistant III232014
Linda Faucetta AdministratorSchool of Ed – Dean’s Office 72014

The following individuals have retired during the Fiscal Year June 1, 2016-May 31, 2017:

Name Category DepartmentYears Year of Retirement
Gerald A. AlfanoStaffPublic Safety Jamaica152016
Antoinette DePaulisStaffEducation Specialties362017
Maura FlanneryFacultyCPS Computer Science, Mat452017
Thomas GalardAdministratorsHuman Resources112016
John Emery KonecsniAdministratorsPharmacy Dean Office362017
Thomas J. LawrenceAdministratorsPublic Safety Jamaica142017
Francis A. LeesFacultyTCB Economics562017
Theresa M. MayloneAdministratorsJamaica Library162016
Jan B. MelvilleAdministratorsUits Phone Operations262017
Paul M. MillerFacultyEd Admin and Instruction162017
Paul M. PassudettiStaffSJC Psychology222016
Lorraine SchenderStaffPurchasing182017
Leon SchiffmanFacultyTCB Marketing152017
Michael S. TorreFacultyPharm Clin Pharm Practice392016
Catherine TseaStaffEducation Specialties362017


We mourn the passing of the following retirees during the Fiscal Year June 1, 2014 through May 31, 2015:

Dr. Mary HannamFacultyCPS, Computer Science, Mathematics and SciencesJune, 2014
Dr. Sumitra ShahFacultyCPS, Administration and EconomicsJune, 2014
Prof. May HannamFacultyCPS, Computer Science, Mathematics and SciencesJune, 2014
Dr. Larry StouderFacultyCPS, Computer Science, Mathematics and SciencesJuly, 2014
Dr. James ThompsonFacultyTobin College of Business, AccountingAugust, 2014
Fina AgnelloStaffBusiness AffairsSeptember, 2014
Gregory PizzignoAdministratorTobin College of Business, Dean's OfficeOctober, 2014
Albert LibertiFacultySt. John's College, BiologyOctober, 2014

We mourn the passing of the following retirees who passed prior to June 1, 2015 but were not noted in last newsletter

Alexander McNeil Public Safety - S.I.May, 2015
Dr. Robert NashFacultyPAH Pharm Admin & HealthApril, 2015
Dr. Robert SauseFacultyPAH Pharm Admin & HealthMarch, 2015

We mourn the passing of the following retirees during the Fiscal Year June 1, 2015 through May 31, 2016:

Josephine KoubekRegistrar - JamaicaJune, 2015
Dr. Erach MunshiTCB ManagementJuly, 2015
Olga LordStudent Life OfficeJuly, 2015
Bernard BeglaneCPS Social SciencesAugust, 2015
Irene DelaneyPharmacy Dean OfficeSeptember, 2015
Eugene OrlowskiJamaica LibraryNovember, 2015
John Hennigan, Jr.Law School EducationDecember, 2015
Dr. James BunceSJU HistoryDecember, 2015
Dr. Maria DominicisSJC Languages and LiteraturesFebruary, 2016
Dr. Joseph HalliwellEd Admin and InstructionJanuary, 2016
Lucille StranoTCB Dean OfficeJanuary, 2016
Rosetta SeijoBusiness Affairs JamaicaFebruary, 2016
Dr. Robert CascioSJC EnglishMay, 2016
Carl MartoranaPharm Clin Pharm PracticeMay, 2016

We mourn the passing of the following retirees during the Fiscal Year June 1, 2016 through May 31, 2017:

Marilyn CarmanPresident OfficeJune, 2016
Patrick BasiliceContinuing EducationJuly, 2016
Eleanor NoonanTCB Dean OfficeOctober, 2016
Dr. Ibrahim BadawiTCB AccountingOctober, 2016
Dr. Natalie CalabroTCB MarketingOctober, 2016
Joseph NolanPublic Safety JamaicaDecember, 2016
Vivian FelicePreident OfficeDecember, 2016
Dr. James O'TooleEducation SpecialtiesOctober, 2016
Joseph CalamariLaw School EducationDecember, 2016
Herman Sanford, Jr.Print ShopAugust, 2016
Sr. Catherine MezzacapoAdmissions - Jamaica/ManhattanFebruary, 2017
Margaret Houlihan March, 2017
Richard BennettTCB School of Risk ManagementJanuary, 2017
Dr. Paul MediciSJC BiologyFebruary, 2017
Dr. Edward FiorelliCPS English & SpeechMay, 2017
Annamarie Mannuzza May, 2017
Prof. Elizabeth BerlingsCPS English & SpeechDecember, 2016
Dorothy SherlockJamaica LibraryOctober, 2016
Charlotte MischnerTCB ManagementMarch, 2017