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The Office of Academic Service-Learning at St. John’s University is committed to providing high quality customer service to all students who have inquiries about their AS-L projects each semester.

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For questions about academic service-learning this semester, please contact:

Office of Academic Service-Learning
Lourdes Hall
Queens, NY 11439
(718) 990-8331
[email protected]

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Find out the AS-L requirements for your course
Refer to your syllabus or ask your professor for guidelines about the type of service activity and number of service hours required for your course.

Decide on a site or project
Log on to GivePulse to review the list of sites your professor would like you to serve. GivePulse will give you a list of community agencies that have been reserved for your class, you can then register for the agency where you would like to complete your service.

Schedule your service
Call the site supervisor and introduce yourself as a St. John’s University student. Explain that you are using Academic Service-Learning in your course and let the site supervisor know how many hours you will need to serve. Ask if you can assist with programs at the service site and set up a time to begin your service at the site. Please note: you still must sign up on GivePulse. 

Enter the information on where you will be in GivePulse
Please follow these directions for entering your hours on GivePulse. Print your time log form and bring it with you to your service site each time you go. The site supervisor will need to sign off on your hours at each visit. Please remember to sign into GivePulse when you have completed your service to update your hours accordingly.

  • Schedule your service at the start of the semester. After you call, please be patient! It may take a few days for the site supervisor to return your phone call or email
  • Serve with your classmates. Schedule your service together so that you can travel in small groups to the service sites
  • Be prepared for your service. Make sure you bring the agency phone number and directions with you and always be aware of your surroundings when traveling to and from the site
  • Record all service hours accurately in your time log and in GivePulse. Do not falsify any signature or number of hours on the Service Log Sheet.

Per the SJU Student Code of Conduct:

“Forgery/Fraud: Forgery, alteration or misuse of University documents, records or identification is prohibited.”

  • Be observant and bring a journal with you to jot down your thoughts, ideas, and what you did while you served.
  • If you have more than one course with an AS-L component, speak with your professor and contact the Office of AS-L.
  • Be professional. Treat Academic Service-Learning as a job. Call the site supervisor if you are running late, sick or unable to go to the site when you are scheduled to serve.

Reflection is the key to making the connection between service and learning

As you participate in AS-L, pay attention to:

  • The concrete experience
    - What did you do when you served?
  • The affective experience
    - How did serving make you feel?
  • The relationship between service and course content and concepts
    - How has serving reinforced what you learned in the classroom?

 Modes of reflection include:

  • Group discussions
  • Journals
  • Papers/presentations
  • Electronic forums/portfolios/blogs

A copy of your medical records is required for service completed in a nursing home, medical facility, or educational center by request. Please complete the form and bring it to the Student Health Services Office in DaSilva Hall (Queens Campus). Please note there is no charge for obtaining your medical records for the purpose of Academic Service-Learning.

Staten Island Medical Memo form can be found here.


Empowering Women:Through the Lens of Half the Sky and Handcrafting Justice

by Sang Hyo Kim

Volunteering at Handcrafting Justice:
Professor Sean Murray, Sang Hyo Kim

Ever since reading The Handmaid’s Tale, a novel on gender oppression, I have gained interest in women’s rights. In my college English Composition course (spring 2013), we were assigned a research paper; I chose the topic of women’s equality. To gain more knowledge of the field and to broaden my interest, I volunteered at Handcrafting Justice, a women’s empowerment organization.

The goal of Handcrafting Justice (HCJ) is to lift women out of poverty in the developing world. Women are given the opportunity to create products, which are then imported to the United States and sold into the fair trade market. For the products HCJ purchases, the women receive an income, allowing them to earn and save up money.

While I was preparing the items to be sold into the fair trade market, I noticed a beautiful bracelet; it was of different colors and the pattern was so magnificent. When I asked about the background of this bracelet, the coordinator told me that it was made from 100% paper. I was shocked; how could anyone make this gorgeous bracelet from just paper alone?

I came to realize that diamonds and Prada products are not everything to life. From my experience, the bracelet made from the paper brought me the greatest joy. The passion and effort put into all the bracelets, bags, and quilts dolls were indeed evident. I felt the warmth the women put into their designs; these women are not just women, but great and talented artisans.

Throughout my volunteering, I have learned the value of actually taking action. It is easy for someone to say, “I want to help,” but actually moving the body out of the comfort zone is difficult to do. I have also become a stronger activist for the empowering of women; I always try to seek fair trade logos everywhere I go. Further, I love to do online shopping and my first stop is to look at the goods from the HCJ website.

Sheryl WuDunn, co-author of Half the Sky, visited St. John's University and told us that to increase our chance of happiness, we must seek and help others. I reflected on such words and came to realize that she is absolutely correct. Happiness does not rise out of the blue; we must consistently consider the well-being of others. By helping others, we are in a mutual connection between the receivers and ourselves.

Today, people are oblivious to the small things they have and want more. However, we should take a step back and for once consider a woman who is in desperate need to feed her family. What other form of happiness is there than feeling great that our contribution is providing her children with proper nutrition and strong health?

The Janet E. Mangione endowed scholarship was established in memory of triple alumna Janet E. Mangione, Associate Director of Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) and avid advocate and supporter of academic service-learning at the University.  This endowed scholarship will provide $1,000 to a third-year or above student (including graduate students) with at least one full semester left before graduating from the time the scholarship is awarded in May 2018.  The recipient will be selected based on academic qualifications and need; experience in two or more AS-L courses; and the ability to articulate the impact these AS-L courses have had on their academic career and/or career choices. 


  • Open to all third-year or above students (including graduate students), who have at least one full semester left until graduation from when the scholarship is awarded in May 2018
  • Student has had two or more AS-L courses in their education at St. John’s
  • GPA of 3.0 or above 

For questions, please contact Lynn Stravino at [email protected] or (718) 990-7902

GivePulse is the new Academic Service-Learning platform where students can find, sign up for, and report service hours connected to their course work. We are excited for this user friendly nature and practicality of this new system. Please see these videos on how toget started as well as the steps to sign up for and report your service hours. The videos can be accessed here.

This document outlines the steps to sign up for GivePulse using your St. John's University email. Remember, if you do not use your St. John's University email you will not be able to get credit for the hours for your AS-L course(s). To access the document click here.

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