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The Red Storm Battalion Army ROTC offers a comprehensive leadership development program to college students pursuing a degree in New York City. Our mission is to provide the necessary training and education to equip future officers with the skills required to lead in the United States Army.



ROTC Experience

The Red Storm Battalion Army ROTC offers a comprehensive leadership development program to college students pursuing a degree in New York City. Our mission is to provide the necessary training and education to equip future officers with the skills required to lead in the United States Army.

Cadets in our program have the opportunity to earn an ROTC scholarship paying up to 100% tuition. In addition, St. John’s is one of the few schools in the country to offer a housing grant, completely covering your rooming costs.  Cadets are also eligible to pursue a military leadership minor.

Upon successful completion of the program, they will be commissioned in the United States Army. Our graduates may choose to serve on full-time active duty or serve part-time in the National Guard or Army Reserves by committing to one weekend a month and two weeks during the summer.

In 2019, St John's ROTC commissioned the 7th ranked Cadet in the nation.

In 2020, St John's ROTC commissioned the 3rd ranked Cadet in the nation.

Contact Information

ROTC Recruiting Officer
Mr. James Johnson
E-mail: [email protected]
or: [email protected]
Call: 718.990.2745 or 718.954.4080

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What is ROTC?

ROTC or Reserve Officer's Training Corp is an elective college course designed to train future Commissioned Officers in the United States Army. ROTC may be taken by any students during their freshman and sophomore years without any military obligation. Following graduation from ROTC, cadets receive a Commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

Am I in the Army as a cadet?

No, you are in a commissioning program to develop your leadership skills to become officers in the United States Army. Once you sign a contract to become an officer, however, you will receive some benefits of military service.

Do I have to go into the Army after college?

Only if you sign a contract do you incur a service obligation as an Army officer. You are not obligated to sign a contract until your junior year if you are fully qualified. You can choose to serve either part-time in the Army Reserve and National Guard or full-time in the Active Duty.

Are there summer training requirements while in ROTC?

Yes. All ROTC cadets must attend summer training at Ft. Knox, KY either between their junior and senior year or after their senior year. Selected contracted cadets will also have the opportunity to attend Army specialty schools such as Airborne School, Air Assault School, Sapper School and Combat Dive School.

What is my commitment?

Enrolling in the ROTC Basic Course (the first two years of college) does not obligate you to serve unless you receive a scholarship. If you received a four-year ROTC scholarship, you must agree to serve four years full-time as an Army Officer after you graduate and then either extend your contract for four more years or serve four more years with the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) where you’ll return to civilian life but need to be ready to help in a national emergency. If you received ROTC scholarships, you will potentially have a four-year full-time or eight-year part-time contract.

How does ROTC affect my schedule?

There are two parts to the ROTC classes. You will participate in an academic class, as well as in an associated three-hour lab period. All classes take place on Wednesdays as to not interfere with your regular academic schedule.

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ROTC started at St. John's in the fall of 1968 when Lt. Col. Michael Caponegro and several assistants, who were all veterans of either the Korean or Vietnam wars, began administering Military Science courses to students interested in earning a

commission as an Army Officer. When asked about the program being established at St. John’s, Col. Caponegro said, “I’ve been on several college campuses in several capacities, but I have never seen such excellent support. I think the program will go very well”. Col. Caponegro could not be more right, as over 50 years later our ROTC program has produced hundreds of Army Officers who have served their alma mater and their nation proudly, a tradition that will continue for many years to come.

    Transfer Students

    Along with all the paperwork from above, you must submit the following

    • College Transcript
    • Acceptance Letter

    Prior Service Military

    (For a servicemen that has finished their commitment with the military)

    • DD-214 Discharge Papers and Separation Documents

    Current National Guard / Reserve

    • DD 4-1/2 Enlistment Document
    • ID card copy
    • DD 2807 Report of Medical History
    • DD 2808 Report of Medical Examination

    High School Students

    Bradley Holt, Sergeant First Class
    Enlisted Instructor
    Military Science Department
    ROTC Building, Rm 221
    [email protected]

    Ralph Scott, Major
    Military Science Department/Executive Officer
    ROTC Building, Rm 222
    [email protected]

    Malcolm Brown, Captain
    Assistant Professor of Military Science
    Military Science Department/MSL 2 Instructor
    ROTC Building, Rm 221
    [email protected]

    David Allen, Sergeant First Class
    Enlisted Instructor
    Military Science Department/MSL 1 Instructor
    ROTC Building, Rm 221
    [email protected]

    Ms. Xinia Mejia
    Human Resources Administrator
    Military Science Department/ Battalion S-1
    ROTC Building, Rm 223
    [email protected]

    Mr. James K. Johnson
    Enrollment Officer
    Military Science Department/ Recruiting & Retention
    ROTC Building, Rm 224
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    718.990.2745 or 718.954.4080

    Mr. Matthew Zephyr
    Logistics Technician
    Military Science Department/ Battalion S-4
    ROTC Building, Rm 225
    [email protected]

    Welcome to the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Detachment 560, serving over 10 schools in the New York City Metro Area. Our goal is to provide pre-commissioning education for qualified students who desire to serve as commissioned officers in the United States Air Force or United States Space Force while still enjoying a civilian college life.

    In Air Force ROTC, you’ll you not only build lifelong friendships, but you may also have the opportunity to pay for school through our scholarship programs. Most importantly, unlike many other college students, you’ll have a rewarding career waiting for you after graduation.

    AFROTC offers both a three and a four-year commissioning programs, each with its own unique advantages. The shorter program allows students with at least six academic full-time semesters remaining, either in undergraduate or graduate status, and who have met required qualifications, to obtain an Air Force or Space Force commission while completing their studies. The four-year program provides a freshman student to participate in AFROTC through their senior year. Both programs provide the opportunity to compete for full academic scholarships.

    AFROTC Detachment 560 is located at Manhattan College in the Bronx. To participate, students need to attend in person at Manhattan College, once a week all day on Fridays.  You can find more information at www.Det560.com, you can also contact Det 560 at [email protected] if you have questions. 

    Students interested in joining the program should have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA, be a full-time student, be physically fit, and be within Air Force height/weight standards.

    To see more photos of our training, please click here.